Discount Codes

Using the Discount Codes Add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions you can easily create friction-less discount codes for running promotions, making price reductions or simply rewarding your users.

Note: For the Discount Codes Add-on to work as expected, you’ll need to have already installed Paid Member Subscriptions plugin and created Subscription Plans.

Installing and Activating the Add-on

First things first, install the plugin via FTP (copy it inside wp-content/plugins) or install it via the WordPress plugin upload functionality. The Serial Number to activate the add-on can be found in your account.

To activate the add-on go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Add-ons -> Insert the Serial Number and Save. After you install and activate the add-on a new page will be created for it. From here you can create Discount Codes.


Creating Discount Codes

To create Discount Codes you will need to go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Discount Codes and there you will see the Add New button. After you clicked the Add New button you will see the Edit Discount Code panel with all the settings.


Setting up Discount Codes

In the Edit Discount Code panel you will be able to set up Discount Codes. What settings can we use:

  • Title – Here we set up the name of the Discount Code.
  • Promotion Code/Voucher – Here we set up the code which will be used by our users.
  • Type – We can set a percent or a fixed amount for our Discount Code.
  • Amount – If the type is set to percent we can use numbers from 1 – 100 (free) and if it is set to “fixed amount” we will insert the value desired.
    Note: The currency can be changed from Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Payments -> General -> Currency.
  • Subscription(s) – Here we check the subscription(s) to which the discount should be applied to.
    Note: If you don’t see any subscription plan you will need to create one.
  • Maximum Uses – Here we can set up how many times the discount code can be used. For unlimited uses insert “0”.
  • Start Date – If we click the empty field box a calendar will appear that we can use to choose the starting date.
  • Expiration Date – Here we can choose the expiration date of our discount code. We can use the calendar box if we click on the empty field.
    Note: The Expiration Date should not be set in the past otherwise the discount code will not work.
  • Status – We can set up the discount code to be Active or Inactive.
  • *Recurring Payments – If we check to “Apply discount to all future recurring payments (not just the first one)” all future purchases that use this discount code will receive the discount.
    Note: You can either allow the customer to opt in for automatic renewal or always renew automatically. This can be changed if you go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Payments -> General -> Renewal.
    *Note: This option is available only if you have already installed and activated Recurring Payments for PayPal Standard Add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions Plugin.

Now your Discount Code is set up and the only thing you need to do now is to “Save Discount”. You can re-edit it if you missed something, deactivate or delete it from the Discount Codes page. You can search for a specific Discount Code using the Search field or sort the table based on the title.


Using Discount Codes

On the Registration page

Discount Codes can be used on the Registration Page when a new member registers for the first time into your website. This is what the user sees:


On the My account page

After the registration on the Account Page when the users chooses the Free Subscription Plan or any other paid subscription plan that the user could upgrade to. This is what the user sees:


On the Subscription List page

If the user only registers and wants to become a member later by subscribing he can do that if he goes to the page which Lists the Subcription Plans. This is what the user sees:


Upgrading the Subscription plan

If the user clicks on the Upgrade link he will be able to upgrade the current Subscription plan.


Getting the add-on

Now you’re ready to deliver discount codes with the help of this add-on. Get it now by following the link below.

Get Discount Codes Add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions Plugin