Global Content Restriction

This Paid Member Subscriptions Add-on is the tool you need for managing what type of content is available for each subscription plan. After setting it up, you don’t have to worry about adding restrictions for each page, post or custom post type individually.

Adding rules

Let’s go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Subscription Plan tab and add a new plan or edit an existing one. After setting up the details for our subscription plan, scroll down to the Global Content Restriction metabox.

Click on the Add Rule button to enable a restriction.


Restricting a post type

Select a post type from the ones available. Here you will see post, page, attachment and all the other custom post types added programatically or through a customization plugin such as WCK.

Let’s select “post” for this example.


Right now, only members subscribed to this plan will be able to see the posts. Logged out users and logged in users not subscribed to this plan will see, instead of the content, an appropriate message.

Restriction based on taxonomy

You’ll notice that you can now choose to add a taxonomy restriction for the selected post type. Click on the Add Taxonomy button and select one from the taxonomies attached to the previously selected post type.

Let’s choose the taxonomy “Category”.


All the available terms from the Category taxonomy will now be displayed as checkboxes.


Having selected the category “Premium content” will now allow only users subscribed to this plan to see the posts from this category. Everyone else will be able to see only the posts from Uncategorised and all the content from other post types.

This is how a post looks like to a user not subscribed to this plan:


You can change these restriction messages from PMS -> Settings -> Messages tab.

Multiple rules

Now, you can choose to restrict content based on terms under another taxonomy of the current post type or add a different rule where you can select a different post type.

In this example I have created another rule where I restricted access to members not subscribed to this plan, for custom post type “books”, having the terms “Adventure” or “Science-Fiction”, of the custom taxonomy “Genre”.


To sum up, we now have a subscription plan “Gold” that allows access to the posts from category “Premium content” and to books having the genre “Adventure” and “Science-fiction”.

Users not subscribed to the “Gold” plan will not have access to the above mentioned content.

You can have a different set of rules for each of the subscription plans.

Removing restrictions

To remove the restriction for certain terms, simply uncheck the checkboxes for those specific terms.

In order to remove the whole taxonomy based restriction, therefore restricting all posts regardless of categorisation, click the Remove button associated to each taxonomy.

Removing a rule completely can be done by clicking the X to the right of each rule.

Getting the add-on

Now you’re ready to deliver premium content with the help of this add-on. Get it now by following the link below.

Get Global Content Restriction Add-on

Note: For the Global Restriction Content Add-on to work as expected, you’ll need to have already installed Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.