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Settings-> Payments tab

Test Mode

This option, if selected, puts Paid Member Subscriptions in Test Mode, meaning that you can run test payments with dummy accounts. All requests will be sent to the sandbox domain (for PayPal) and you can use buyer Sandbox Accounts to complete the payment.
We recommend always testing payments before going live with your website.

Duplicate Website Message

You may have the following message on the Dashboard:

You can receive this message because you have a test site or a clone after the live site. When you see the message in the dashboard, your payments are stopped. To solve this you have to put the payments from the live site on test mode and then on live mode.

The rule is as follows: On live sites, payments must be set in Live Mode. On the test sites, payments must be put in Test Mode.


This option allows you to select the Currency that you want to use on your website. Currently, every currency that is supported by our integrated payment gateways should be listed here.
Make sure that this option is matching the Primary Currency that you select inside your PayPal account.

Currency Position

You can select where to display the currency symbol, before or after the price.

Price Display Format

You can select how prices should be displayed (with or without decimals).

Active Payment Gateways

Here you can choose which payment gateways are active and can be used to pay for the subscription by the user. By default only PayPal Standard and the Manual / Offline gateways are available. Stripe, PayPal Pro and PayPal Express are also available through add-ons.

Default Payment Gateway

This option allows you to choose which payment gateway should be selected by default when a user is going to the registration form.

Retry Payments

By checking this option, if a payment fails, the plugin will try to charge the user again after 3 days for a maximum of 3 retries.

Allow Subscription Downgrades

By checking this option, you are allowing members to downgrade their subscription plan to a lower one from the same tier.

Allow Subscription Change

By checking this option, you are allowing members to change their subscription to one from another tier.

According to PayPal’s Announcement, Instant Payment Notification (IPN) has been updated to https for added security. Because IPN is used for all PayPal payments, you will need to ensure that HTTPS is used when posting the message back to PayPal for verification. HTTP postbacks will no longer be supported. Action by you: An SSL certificate is required by 19 January 2016 for Sandbox testing and by 30 September 2016 for all PayPal transactions.

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