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bbPress for Paid Member Subscriptions

bbPress Add-on allows you to integrate Paid Member Subscriptions with the popular forums plugin bbPress. With this integration, you will be able to restrict entire forums or only particular topics and permit access only to users that have an active subscription for one of your subscription plans.

Activate the bbPress Add-on

The bbPress Integration is a Basic add-on, available with a Paid Member Subscriptions Basic, Pro, or Agency license only.

After purchasing a premium version of Paid Member Subscriptions, you can check the following guide on how to install Paid Member Subscriptions.

After the installation of the Basic, Pro, or Agency version, in order to activate The bbPress Add-on, go to Dashboard → Paid Member Subscriptions → Add-ons → bbPress and click Activate.

Restricting Access to Forums

Restricting access to forums is done the same way as for posts and pages. For forums though, you have an extra option, namely “Topic Restriction Mode”, that will affect the way the restricted forum behaves as follows:

Restricting Access to Topics

Topics can be individually restricted as well if the parent forum is not restricted. The “Topic Restriction Mode” works for topics as follows:

Custom Restriction Messages for Forums and Topics

If you wish to use a different default restriction message for your forums and topics you can customize them from Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Content Restriction.

These restriction messages are helpful if you want to have a different marketing copy for forums and topics, leaving the other restricted content with the marketing copy you already have in place.

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