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The Pro Rate add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions lets users access discounts based on their remaining subscription time when they either Upgrade or Downgrade a subscription.

Instead of losing subscription time when they make a change in their subscription by upgrading or downgrading, the user can access a discount for the newly chosen subscription time based on how much they paid for the current plan and how much time they have remaining on the subscription.

Install the Pro Rate add-on

The Pro Rate add-on is available only with a Paid Member Subscriptions Pro, or Agency license.

After purchasing a premium version of Paid Member Subscriptions, you can check the following guide on how to install Paid Member Subscriptions.

After the installation of the Pro, or Agency version, in order to activate The Pro-rate Add-on, go to Dashboard → Paid Member Subscriptions → Add-ons → Pro rate and click Activate.

Enabling the functionality

The functionality of this add-on is enabled once you activate the add-on from the Paid Member Subscriptions Add-ons page. There are no other settings to configure.

This add-on is available starting with version 1.1.8 of Paid Member Subscriptions Pro.

How it works

The pro-rate functionality only affects tiered subscriptions and is applied when the user tries to Upgrade or Downgrade his current subscription.

Based on the amount the user paid for the current subscription and the time remaining on it, he will get a discount or free subscription time.
This gets applied automatically on the Account -> Change Subscription page when the user views the possible Upgrades or Downgrades available for this current subscription.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro Rate

Recurring Subscriptions

When opting in for a recurring subscription or if they are always enabled in the settings, the user will be able to purchase a recurring subscription while benefiting from a pro-rate discount.

It doesn’t matter if he receives a discount or free subscription time, a future recurring subscription can be setup. This is indicated to the user in the form by specifying the payment amount at a future date.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro Rate Recurring Payments


To better illustrate how the functionality works, here’s an example. Let’s say you have a tier with three subscriptions:

And a user buys the Tier 2 subscription for 10$.

If the user tries to change his subscription in the same day:

If the user tries to change his subscription halfway into the term (15 days in the current 1 month duration scenario):

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