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Email Reminders Add-on allows you to Send Automated Emails to members when certain events are about to, or have already happened (e.g. Subscription Expires, Last Login, Subscription Activation).

This is one of the most efficient ways to increase signup rates and improve member retention for your membership site.

Install the Email Reminders Add-on

Email Reminders is a Basic add-on, available with a Paid Member Subscriptions Hobbyist or Pro license only.

After purchasing the add-on, the .zip file will be available for download under your account page by clicking the “Add-ons Download” button.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Account Page - Download Add-ons

Once downloaded, you can install the add-on as a normal WordPress plugin, by uploading the .zip file in your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Alternatively, you can install the Email Reminders add-on by extracting the folder found inside the archive and uploading the entire folder via FTP to your /wp-content/plugins folder found inside your WordPress install.

For Email Reminders add-on to work as expected, you’ll also need to have the following plugin to be installed and activated on your site:

Email Reminders Add-on Settings

After you activate the Email Reminders Add-on go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Email Reminders -> Add New to add your first Email Reminder.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Add New

After you click on the “Add New” button you will be able to setup your first Email Reminder.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Settings

Inside you can setup the Email Reminder Title and the Email Reminder Details:

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Setting up an Event

Send Reminder To

Here you can decide if you want the email sent to members or to administrators.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Send Reminder To

Trigger Event

Inside the Trigger Event we can setup the Time when the Event should be triggered (Hours, Days, Weeks, Months) and the Event Type. The Email Reminders can be scheduled to be automatically sent using a trigger event:

  • after Member Sings Up (subscription active) – Can be used for Up-Selling, highlighting Premium Content
  • after Member Abandons Signup (subscription pending) – Very efficient in increasing member signup rate
  • before Subscription Expires – Used for Subscriptions which don’t Renew Automatically
  • after Subscription Expires – Used for notifying the user about the new content that he is missing
  • before Subscription Renews Automatically – To let the user know before he’s billed again
  • since last login – Can be used to increase user engagement and retention

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Trigger Event

Email Subject

Here we setup the Email Subject of our Email Reminder. We can use the Available Tags.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Email Subject

Email Content

Here we setup the Email Content of our Email Reminder. We can use the Available Tags.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Email Content

Below is an example of how the Email Content could look like:

Hey {{display_name}},

I’ve noticed in our system that you have taken the steps to sign up for the {{subscription_name}} Subscription Plan, but didn’t complete the process.

Is there anything I can help you with regarding this?

I’m available for any questions regarding our Membership Plans.

Thank you for your time.

John Doe – {{site_name}}

From Name and From Email

You can set the From Name and From Email in Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> E-Mails.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - General Email Options


After composing the Email Content you’ll be able to filter which members receive this Email Reminder based on their Subscription Plan. You can send the Email Reminder to all members by selecting the “All Subscriptions” option.

All the Subscription Plans created in Paid Member Subscriptions -> Subscription Plans will be displayed here.

In our case the “1 Hour after Member Abandons Signup (Subscription Pending)” Email Reminder will be sent to all the users that subscribed to our Subscription Plans but didn’t complete the payment.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Subscription Plans

Extra Email Tags

The add-on also enables the use of extra tags that output information about the user or about the subscription. These tags can be used for default emails such as the Activate Subscription Email (PMS -> Settings -> Emails) or for the custom Email Reminders that you can define.

Inside the Email Subject and the Email Content we can use the following tags:
Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Available Tags

  • {{display_name}}
  • {{subscription_name}}
  • {{subscription_status}}
  • {{subscription_start_date}}
  • {{subscription_expiration_date}}
  • {{subscription_price}}
  • {{subscription_duration}}
  • {{username}}
  • {{site_name}}
  • {{site_url}}

Managing Email Reminders

Once you’ve created at least one Email Reminder you can review it from the Email Reminders screen. From there you can view, edit, or delete any of the existing Email Reminders and also change their status into Active/Inactive. Only “Active” Email Reminders will be sent when the trigger event is met.

Paid Member Subscriptions Pro - Email Reminders - Mange Email Reminders

Email Reminders Errors

Emails are not sent

All emails are mananged by your server. If you encounter issues with this and the emails are not sent, you should contact your hosting and bring the problem to their attention.

There’s also the possibility to configure a plugin which can overwrite the SMTP settings coming from your hosting provider. Such a plugin is Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log, this can be used for free and it lets you route the emails through Gmails SMTP server, as an example.
Check their FAQ and documentation for further instructions.

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