Content Dripping

Installing and Activating the Add-on

You can install and activate the add-on directly from the Add-ons page in Paid Member Subscriptions menu, or by uploading the zip file and activating like any other plugin.

Once the add-on is activated, navigate to the Content Drip Sets tab under the Paid Member Subscriptions menu. From here you’ll be able to create your first content dripping set schedule.

Creating a Content Dripping Set

When creating a content drip set you are scheduling what content is available for a member with a certain subscription after a given period of time from their registration. Users that are not registered or members that are not subscribed to the subscription plan associated with the Content Drip Set will never have access to any content you add here.

Associate the set with a Subscription Plan


A content dripping set will have to be associated with a subscription plan. You can set this option as seen in the screenshot above.

Schedule Your Content


The screenshot above is a sample of how a schedule for your content could look. As you can see, you can combine multiple delay times, custom post types and taxonomies to essentially drip any type of content at any given time.

  • Delay – The time from when the member registers the subscription until the content will be available
  • Post Type – Select the post, page or custom post type of the post / taxonomy term you wish to make available
  • Type – Select whether the content you wish to make available a list of posts or a taxonomy
  • Content – Select which posts or taxonomy terms you wish to make available for the rule

Content Dripping in Association with Content Restriction

If certain posts that you add to these Content Dripping Sets are being restricted through other methods, for example with the use of the “Content Restriction” meta-box, or the “Global Content Restriction” add-on, they might not be made available to the member.

For example: If a post is restricted to be displayed only to members with a Gold subscription and this post is also added in a Content Dripping Set that is associated with the Silver subscription plan, the member will never have access to it regardless of the delay time you have set. But if the post is restricted to be displayed to members with a Silver subscription, then it will be available to the member after the delay time has passed.

Add a Table of Contents for your Content

To make it easy for your members to see what content is available and what content will be available in the future, you can place a Table of Contents for any content dripping set that you have created using the [pms-cd-contents-table id=”#id_of_content_drip_set”] shortcode.

So, for a member that has subscribed three days ago, the table of contents would look like the screenshot below.