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Explore all that Paid Member Subscriptions offers for launching and growing your membership site, course, or paid community.

Full Membership Functionality in a Few Clicks

Upgrade your website with membership functionality and start monetizing your content with no code or technical skills.

Registration forms with payments previews
Registration forms with payments previews

Paid & Free Subscription Plans

Easily create as many subscription plans as you need for your members to sign up to, assigning specific user roles for each plan. Make them free, ask for a subscription fee, or go with a combination of both. The ball is really in your court.

Member & Subscription Management

Allow your members to upgrade or downgrade from their existing subscriptions and get a clear overview of all your members and their membership levels. Add and remove members however you please, or even edit their subscription details.

Group Memberships

Sell group memberships for businesses, schools, families, and more, offering multiple seats purchased together and managed by a single “parent” account. Create subscription packages and sell them at lower rates.

Export Member Data

Easily view reports and export your members’ data from Paid Member Subscriptions as a CSV file. You can download them all or only specific members filtered by subscription plan, active status, payment status, or date.

Pre-Designed Form Templates

Don’t waste time on coding and design, use the pre-built forms styles instead. Choose the template that best suits your overall web design and display your beautiful registration, login, and edit profile forms in no time.

Editing Blocks & Shortcodes

Adding registration and user forms to your website has never been easier. Use the custom Paid Member Subscription blocks to add registration, login, and profile editing forms or, alternatively, use the shortcodes.

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Easy Payment Management and a Multitude of Payment Options

Offer multiple popular payment gateways, set up automatic recurring payments, discounts, free trials, and much more.

Account page previews
Account page previews

One-time & Recurring Payments

Ask for one-time or recurring payments for your membership plans using your configured gateways. You can even create an automatic renewal process so your customers won’t even have to lift a finger to continue accessing your service.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Set up and configure your payment system just as you like. Choose between PayPal Standard or Express Checkout, Stripe for card payments, or even manual offline payments if that’s what you prefer.

Discount Codes

Create discount codes for running marketing campaigns or simply rewarding your loyal users. Let them easily enter a discount code when they sign up for membership or upgrade their current plan.

Free Trial & Sign-up Fees

Reel new customers in by offering a custom free trial of your subscription plans so they can have a taste, or even create a one-time sign-up fee on top of your monthly charge. You have full control over your subscription setup.

Accept Donations

Instead of asking for a fixed price, let your subscribers donate and choose what they want to pay for your service or product subscription. Choose a default amount and let your users customize it to their will.

Pro-rate Prices

Pro-rate your prices for users upgrading or downgrading their plans and help them not lose money when they do so by adjusting the price they have to pay based on their current remaining subscription time.

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Restrict Premium Content to Paying Members Only

Offer premium content available for paying members only and earn a passive income with minimal effort.

Private store previews
Private store previews

Content Restriction

Hide specific pages, posts, post types, sections, products, or individual pieces of content based on custom subscription plans or logged-in status. Use redirects or custom messages to keep users out of your restricted areas.

Content Dripping

Keep your visitors coming back to your website with content release schedules, making posts or even categories available only after a certain time has passed from a previous user action. Or, offer access to content based on user longevity.

Email Templates & Reminders

Edit the emails you send to your customers upon registration, subscription activation, cancellation, or expiration, and even create custom emails and reminders to send when certain events take place.

WooCommerce Integration

Restrict WooCommerce products or entire shops to specific membership levels only and choose what each plan can view or purchase and even create subscription products and sell them directly through WooCommerce.

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This is the best Membership Plugin for me by far. Pretty straight forward to use, even if you're a beginner. It’s user friendly and not too difficult to work out.
I’ve tried many other plugins of this kind, which have either been too confusing or too over priced. It also has some of the best features that can be used for free, that other plugins will just have as a paid addons. Like the ones you really need for it to be functional.
Thanks very much Cozmoslabs!
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on Paid Member Subscriptions

Exceptional Support and Built-In Translations

Whether you need help setting up the plugin, fixing a problem, or finding a translation, we’re here for you.

Reliable Expert Support

Get premium support from a competent team that's always ready to take their time and offer you a hand.

Translated into 25 Languages

The plugin is prepped and ready to go even if you plan to use it on a non-English or multilingual website.

Launch your membership site, online course, or community in minutes.

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