Load Paid Member Subscriptions CSS file

For a truly custom membership site you can choose to include or not the CSS that comes with Paid Member Subscriptions. We recommend you leave it checked and overwrite the css where it’s needed using a child theme or by going to Appearance -> Customize -> Custom CSS

Automatically Login

If you set this option to Yes, users that will complete the registration form will be automatically logged in.

Prevent Account Sharing

Checking this option will prevent users from being logged in with the same account from multiple places at the same time.

If the current user’s session has been taken over by a newer session, we will log him out and he will have to log in again. This will make it inconvenient for members to share their login credentials.

Redirect Default WordPress Pages

Redirect the default WordPress Login, Register and Recover Password to the front-end forms created with Paid Member Subscriptions.
For this option to work, you need to select the pages that hold our shortcodes in the dropdowns from the Membership Pages section.

Starting with version 2.0.3 of the plugin, this option can be bypassed if you append `pms_force_wp_login=true` to your URL. Example:

Register Success Page

Select the page where you wish to redirect your newly registered members when using the [pms-register] shortcode.

This also affects Profile Builder forms if the Subscription Plans field is added to the form.

Login Page

Select the page that holds the [pms-login] shortcode.

Register Page

Select the page that holds the [pms-register] shortcode.

Account Page

Select the page that holds the [pms-account] shortcode.

Lost Password Page

Select the page that holds the [pms-recover-password] shortcode.

These pages are used for different settings throughout the plugin. For example the `Redirect Default WordPress Pages` option, in success/error messages, in order to generate links with the pms-action shortcode etc.


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