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Troubleshooting Guide

Are you having issues with your WordPress site? Then you can start by checking the steps in this troubleshooting guide […]

How to do a conflict test

Theme and plugin conflicts occur when compatibility issues between a WordPress theme and a plugin result in errors, broken functionality, missing content, or website crashes. A theme conflict occurs  […]

How to find the PHP Error Logs

In WordPress, PHP error logs are files that contain information about any errors or warnings that occur within the PHP code of your WordPress site. These logs are useful for troubleshooting issues […]

Troubleshoot: Fatal error caused by a plugin

If you receive a fatal error on your site and you’re not able to access the WordPress Dashboard anymore, you can follow the next steps in order to gain back access to your site […]

Troubleshoot: 500 Internal Server Error

A common error in WordPress is a 500 Internal Server Error (or sometimes a white page or “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”).  This error […]

Troubleshoot: Emails

Profile Builder and Paid Member Subscriptions are sending emails using the wp_mail() function which is a core function of WordPress. Usually, if the email is not being sent/received […]

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