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Beaver Builder

Paid Member Subscriptions integrates with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin, giving you the possibility to:

Beaver Builder Content Restriction

This feature makes use of the user role association that is provided by Paid Member Subscriptions when creating subscription plans. In order for this to work, the user role that you associated needs to have a unique capability that we can target.

If the plan was configured to automatically create a new user role, a custom capability was also created with same slug as the user role: pms_subscription_plan_{plan_id}, if you selected your own user role, you’ll need to check if it has a unique capability or add one.

The capability is created alongside the plan user role automatically starting with version 2.0.9 of the plugin. For earlier versions it needs to be created manually.

Restricting modules

After determining the capabilities, in order to restrict modules you need to open the Beaver Builder interface -> Select a module and then go to Settings -> Advanced -> Visibility.

Using the Display option you select `Logged in User` and a new field called `User Capability` will appear, in here you will need to add the custom capability of the plan you wish to restrict this content to.

Afterwards, only users that are subscribed to that plan will be able to see the content.

If you need a quick way to manage user roles on your website check out the Roles Editor feature from Profile Builder.

Visual shortcode insertion

The Paid Member Subscriptions shortcodes that are used for pages can be inserted more easily using the visual interface of Beaver Builder. The shortcode modules can be found in a separate section called Paid Member Subscriptions.

Through these shortcodes, you can create forms for login, registration, account administrator and password recovery.

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