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Documentation / Installation & Setup Instructions

Installation & Setup Instructions

Paid Member Subscriptions is a simple to use free WordPress membership plugin.

It gives you the possibility to accept payments, set up different membership levels, restrict content (posts, pages, custom post types) and allow users to login and manage their settings.

Installing Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions install and is activated just like any other WordPress plugin.

Download the plugin zip file

After you download the plugin, you’ll be able to choose the way you install it:

  1. Unzip the archive and upload the plugin folder under the /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Under the Plugins menu from your WordPress admin interface, choose Add New -> Upload -> browse and upload your .zip file, and then just hit Install Now button


Activate Paid Member Subscriptions

After the installation completes, press Activate Plugin and the plugin will be ready for use.

Install the plugin via FTP

  1. Download the plugin and extract it on your computer. If you are using the free version you can download it from here or if you are using a paid version you can download it from here.
  2. Connect to your website via FTP using an FTP client software.
  3. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your website.
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the “Plugins” section, and activate the plugin.

How to install the Paid Versions

Starting with version 2.5.0 we have changed the way individual Paid Member Subscriptions add-ons are used by simplifying the process and re-packaging all premium Add-ons into 3 different premium versions: Basic, Pro, and Unlimited.

When you login into your Cozmoslabs account you will see two buttons:

1. Main Plugin
2. The button associated with the paid version – e.g. if you have the Unlimited version you will see “Unlimited Download”.

You need to download the paid version and install it on your site.

In the end, you need to have two plugins installed:
1. Paid Member Subscription – This can be downloaded from the “Main Plugin” button
2. Paid Member Subscription Basic/Pro/Unlimited – This can be downloaded from the ” Basic/ Pro/ Unlimited Download” button

Initial Setup

The initial setup of the plugin consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Create pages with the available shortcodes
  2. Add your PayPal Email on the PMS -> Settings -> Payments page and setup the IPN URL in your PayPal Account
  3. Create Subscription Plans
  4. Restrict your premium content

After going through these steps you are ready to sell subscriptions.

Paid users looking for instructions to configure the additional payment gateways, recurring payments or other features that were added through a paid add-on should refer to that add-ons documentation page. Add-ons list

Setup Wizard

When the plugin is activated for the first time, it will show the Setup Wizard page. The setup page helps you configure the plugin, having the ability to automatically create the membership pages and setting up the PayPal email address. Alongside this, some other useful settings will be presented.

You still need to create your Subscription Plans and set up the Content Restriction options, but the Setup Wizard will give you a nice head start.


Basic Information

The Basic Information tab gives you an overview of all the Paid Member Subscriptions features and how to best make use of them.

This is a quick start guide on how to create your front-end member registration, login, and account management forms, restrict your content, and generally get a bird’s eye view of the plugin capabilities.PmsBasicInformation

Add Serial Number

If you purchased a Paid Member Subscriptions license, go to the Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Register Website section to activate it. The license will let you download updates released for the premium versions and also access premium support.


You can download the premium versions after you purchased them from your account page and install them like any other plugin.
After installation, you can activate the premium add-ons they contain from the Add-ons Page

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