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Paid Member Subscriptions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the registration form?

Paid Member Subscriptions doesn’t offer a built-in way of customizing the registration form, but this can be done using Profile Builder since the two plugins are integrated with each other. Profile Builder is a user management plugin that lets you customize the registration form with an unlimited number of custom fields.

When both plugins are active, inside Profile Builder -> Form Fields you’ll find a new type of field that you can add to your form: Subscription Plans. With this field you can let the user purchase a Paid Member Subscriptions subscription plan from your Profile Builder form.

You can read more about the integration on this page.

How can already registered users subscribe to a plan?

If you have existing users that need to be able to purchase a subscription plan, you need to setup the [pms-register] shortcode on a page. You can read more about this here.

Payment status stays as Pending

If payments appear correctly in your PayPal account but on the website the status stays as Pending, make sure that you have setup the IPN correctly.

Please take note that the IPN url is different between PayPal Standard and PayPal Express/Pro, so follow the correct documentation page depending on what you setup.

I can't update any of the add-ons

Before you can update any of the add-ons that you might have installed, you will need to add your serial number.

To do this, go to the PMS -> Add-ons page. You can read more instructions about this here.

The user account is created even if the user doesn't pay

Yes, this is how our plugin works, the user account is created before we send the user to the payment gateway.

This helps you keep a list of potential users that tried to subscribe to your website and you can contact them to ask what happened. Maybe they just encountered an issue and you can help.

This also lets users Retry payments if they failed initially. To do so, they need to login and visit a page with the [pms-account] shortcode.

My premium content is visible to non-paying users

This usually happens when you restrict your content based on the Logged in status of the user instead of Subscription Plans.

Since we create the user account before the payment, you need to check the Subscription Plans box (or boxes) alongside the Logged in Users option to have the restriction be applied based on the paid subscription.

This will ensure that users that have not paid correctly or have their subscriptions expired will not get access to your premium content.

Is Paid Member Subscriptions compatible with cache plugins?

Yes, it should work correctly.

If you encounter any issues, you should disable the cache from the Registration page and any other pages which take payments.

Why do I get a 401 error if I try to login as an existing user?

This issue is most likely caused by Jetpack.

To fix it please go to Jetpack -> Settings -> Security and in the ‘Brute force attack protection‘ section disable the ‘Block suspicious-looking sign in activity‘ option.

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