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Paid Member Subscriptions (PMS) documentation is constantly evolving as we continue to update the plugin. The latest version of the documentation is available via this Wiki.

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The current documentation is for our Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

  2. Basic Information and Installation
  3. Shortcodes
  4. Subscription Plans
  5. Content Restriction
  6. Member Management
  7. Member Payments
    1. Interface
    2. Retry Member Payment
    3. Pending Member Payment
    4. Completed Member Payment
    5. Activate IPN in PayPal
  8. Reports
  9. Settings
    1. General
    2. Payment
    3. Content Restrict Messages
    4. Email Templates
  10. Add-ons
    1. Content Dripping
    2. Email Reminders
    3. Stripe Payment Gateway
    4. PayPal Pro and PayPal Express
    5. Recurring Payments for PayPal Standard
    6. reCaptcha
    7. Global Content Restriction
    8. Multiple Subscriptions per User
    9. Discount Codes
    10. Navigation Menu Filtering
  11. Integration with other Plugins
    1. Profile Builder
    2. WordPress Creation Kit
  12. Paid Member Subscriptions Changelogs
  13. Developer Knowledge Base