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Edit Labels in Paid Member Subscriptions

The Labels Edit add-on lets you edit any string that is coming from the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.
Some examples of what you can edit:

Install the Labels Edit Add-on

The Labels Edit Add-on is included in the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin in the Misc tab under Settings since version 2.5.0. In order to activate the Labels Edit functionality go to Dashboard-> Paid Member Subscriptions-> Settings-> Misc-> Other-> and enable “Labels Edit”. After you’ve activated it you can go to Paid Member Subscriptions-> Labels Edit-> and press the “Rescan” button from the top right-> then select the label you want to change.

Edit Labels


To edit a string, you need to open the dropdown, search or select the string you’re looking for, add the new label and hit Add Entry. This will change the label wherever it is outputted by the plugin.


Rescan Labels

If new strings/labels are added you will need to use the Rescan function in order to regenerate the labels index for the add-on.
So for example if you see a string coming from the plugin but you cannot find it in the dropdown, you should use this function to rescan for labels.

Variables explained

Variables with numbers like 1, 2, 3, etc. help us to output variables content in any order in a string.

You must be careful and place them like in the default string, see e.g.


Old Label -> In %1$d sec, click %2$s.%3$s

New Label -> Click %2$s.%3$s in %1$d sec

Variables can output links, user usernames, email, etc.

Note – You must escape characters in new labels like in the old labels by using \”


Old Label -> Password Reset from \”%1$s\”

New Label -> From \”%1$s\”, a password reset

Import and Export Labels

You can also export and import labels. This can be done through the metabox from the left bottom corner of your Labels Edit screen.
Pressing the Export button will generate a .json file with all the labels that you changed.

Keep in mind that all of your existing labels will be overwritten when you use the import functionality.

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