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Upgrade to version 2.5.0 or newer

Upgrade to version 2.5.0 or newer

Starting with version 2.5.0 we have changed the way individual Paid Member Subscriptions add-ons are used by simplifying the process and re-packaging all premium Add-ons into 3 different premium versions: Basic, Pro and Unlimited

Upgrade instructions for Paid Member Subscriptions older than version 2.5.0

1. Update the main plugin to the latest version

You can upgrade to the latest free version directly from your WordPress site by going into:
WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Installed Plugins and clicking on the: “Update now” button.

2. Download, install and activate the premium Paid Member Subscriptions Basic/Pro or Unlimited version

Access your Cozmoslabs account and download the premium Paid Member Subscriptions– Basic/Pro/Unlimited version you purchased.

Then install and activate the premium version of the plugin. After you download the plugin, install it from your WordPress admin Plugins → Add New → Upload and upload your .zip file, and then just hit the Install Now button. For further information, check out how to install Paid Member Subscriptions.

After the premium version was activated, your old add-ons plugins should be deactivated automatically (as plugins) but the exact same ones should still be active in the Add-ons page so you won’t have any functionality of your site modified. You can delete all the old Paid Member Subscriptions-related add-on plugins as they won’t get any new updates moving forward. All of them are now bundled in the premium version of the plugin.

You won’t lose any functionality or settings by deleting the old add-ons.

If the automatic migration failed: ( it shouldn’t )

1. Deactivate manually and remove old individual Paid Member Subscriptions add-ons (these won’t get any new updates)
2. Navigate to the Add-ons page and activate all the needed functionality

In order to (re)activate the functionality that was added by the old addons, now you can simply navigate to Paid Member Subscriptions → Add-ons tab. From here you have the option to activate/deactivate each addon functionality.

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