Roles Editor

Activating Roles Editor

Note – You will find Roles Editor on Profile Builder Free, Hobbyist and Pro  version 2.6.2 or higher.

To activate Roles Editor you will need to go to the Profile Builder General Settings sub-page and select Yes for the “Roles Editor”, then click Save Changes.

After this, you will find Roles Editor sub-page under Users page.

Roles Editor Page

  1. Under every role you got some options:
    • Edit – to edit the role
    • Clone – duplicate role capabilities to a new role (saves time when you create a new role)
    • Deletepermanently delete a role – (important) This can’t be undone! (you can’t delete your administrator role or default role – change the default role to another and then delete the old one)
    • Change Default – this option is displayed only for the default role so you can go and change it
  2. Role Slug – this is the role slug / id (can be different than role name / display name)
  3. Capabilities – number of capabilities assigned to that role
  4. Users – number of users with that role
  • Notice:
    • If you delete a role, all the users assigned only to that role will be automatically assigned to the default role
    • Users with multiple roles assigned will only get the deleted role removed and will not be assigned to the default role until that one was their only role
    • Example: Test_User with roles Author and Editor – you delete Editor user role – now Test_User has only the Author role

  • Capabilities text colors:
    • blue – that capability is a new one added and it is not saved until Publish / Update button is clicked
    • black – an existing capability of that role

Individual Role Edit

  • Edit every role capabilities – add or delete
  • Role Display Name and Role Slug can’t be edited for existing roles, you can only edit them when a role is created for the first time


  • Use multiple select to add one or more existing capabilities to a role

  • Use Add New Capability link to change the select to input and add a new custom capability

  • Delete Permanently:
    • (important) This can’t be undone! To add it back you must add it to a role as a new custom capability
    • only for custom capabilities – created by you or by plugins
    • deletes the capability from you site and from every role