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  • Feature: Added integration with TutorLMS to allow admins to setup paid courses that can be accessed after buying a subscription
  • Feature: Improvements to the Reports page: added more stats like new revenue, recurring revenue, subscription plan earnings, payment gateway revenue etc. Also added a comparison area showing the same stats but from last year.
  • Fix: Sending of the Renewal Email when the Stripe gateway is used
  • Fix: Issue with Apple Pay verification not working properly on subdomains
  • Fix: Position for Save button on plugin pages
  • Fix: Change initial payment type for PayPal Standard Recurring payments
  • Fix: Issue with Upgrades, Downgrades when a 100% discount code was used with Stripe
  • Fix: A scenario with Apple Pay, Google Pay in which the form was getting stuck
  • Fix: Issue with the Pricing Tables preview modal not opening
  • Misc: Allow admins to edit the payment gateway of a subscription through a filter that needs to be enabled: pms_edit_subscription_enable_payment_gateway_editing
  • Misc: Allow payments to be searched by a discount code
  • Misc: Add a link to see who used a discount code over the Uses column of the Discount Codes listing
  • Misc: Add a class over the duration of a subscription plan in front-end
  • Misc: Added a link over the transaction ID for payments linking to the payment gateway dashboard


  • Fix: Made some changes to the Stripe account onboarding process to make it more reliable
  • Fix: Hide license notification in cases where it was being shown incorrectly
  • Misc: Hide payment gateways when they are added in a Profile Builder form and the form is being viewed by an admin


  • Fix: Add support to Stripe for recurring payments done through SEPA Direct Debit. Also applies to payment methods which use SEPA Direct Debit for recurring (iDeal for example)
  • Fix: A notice happening in the Setup Wizard
  • Fix: Properly initialize chosen on the Reports page when it's missing
  • Misc: Remove before unload event for Stripe so payments which redirect off-site don't require an extra click
  • Misc: Updated Stripe PHP bindings to the latest version (13.17.0)
  • Misc: Bumped the minimum supported version of Stripe PHP bindings to 7.33.0 when other plugins are loading this library


  • Feature: Added the ability to select predefined or custom date intervals for the Reports page
  • Feature: Added subscription plans filter to the Reports page
  • Fix: Issue with the automatically login option from Profile Builder forms not working with Stripe
  • Fix: Notice that could appear in some scenarios
  • Misc: Make sure back-end members page script only loads on the page that needs it
  • Misc: Added a filter that can be set to false to disable the automatic paragraph formatting when sending emails: pms_emails_auto_format


  • Feature: Enabled support for Apple Pay and Google Pay through Stripe. Enable these payment gateways by going to your Stripe Dashboard -> Payment Methods page
  • Fix: Notice appearing in some cases relating to Gutenberg blocks
  • Misc: Added a new merge tag for emails: subscription_plan_id
  • Misc: Update the Uninstall page to the new plugin styles
  • Misc: Fix a small CSS error regarding the Pricing Tables templates
  • Misc: Random adjustments for back-end pages


  • Fix an issue where the plugin couldn't be activated in some scenarios


  • Feature: Pricing Tables templates. Easily create a pricing page for your subscription plans. Go to Subscription Plans -> Create Pricing Page to get started
  • Fix: Issue with Group Memberships extra fields not being updated when changing a membership through Stripe
  • Fix: Double activation messages from payments and subscriptions when Stripe Webhooks were configured
  • Fix: An issue with login errors not being displayed when LearnDash was active
  • Misc: GDPR field will now show the agreement time on the back-end Users -> Edit User page
  • Misc: Change plugin icon from admin menu
  • Misc: Random changes for back-end pages design


  • Feature: Added Content Restriction options for Divi Builder modules
  • Fix: Issue with Stripe connection when it was initialized from the Setup Wizard
  • Fix: Improvements to how Stripe Customer objects are created and handled by the plugin
  • Fix: Issue with child memberships when a group membership owner renewed or upgraded his subscription through Stripe
  • Fix: Issue with Discount Codes field displaying when no disocunts were defined
  • Fix: Dismiss action for the PSP notice
  • Fix: Make sure certain Manual gateway functionality is only hooked once
  • Misc: Show a button to go to the Add Member Subscriptions page directly from the Edit User page
  • Misc: Show connected Stripe Account ID and Country on the admin page
  • Misc: Added plugin marketing optin process
  • Misc: Compatibility with new LearnDash add-on


  • Fix: Security issue. Thanks to Lucio Sá
  • Fix: Add nonce check when creating pricing pages. Thanks to Lucio Sá
  • Misc: Declare translations domain path so the .pot file with translations can be identified properly


  • Fix: Issue with subscription not activating correctly when Stripe was used after a Profile Builder Email Confirmation
  • Fix: Add nonce check when dismissing SSL notice. Thanks to Dhabaleshwar Das for the report
  • Fix: A notice regarding the Discounts functionality
  • Fix: Back-end pages styling when plugin name is localized
  • Fix: An issue with Password Strength functionality not loading correctly
  • Fix: Issue with PSP notice not appearing for Stripe gateway
  • Misc: Added actions after the plugin adds or removes a user role from a member: pms_add_user_role and pms_remove_user_role
  • Misc: Small styling change for Setup Wizard active tabs


  • Fix: Issue with plugin logo from Basic Information page not being displayed correctly on multisite
  • Fix: Notice coming from the Gutenberg Content Restriction functionality
  • Fix: Issue with serial number detection on certain multisite WordPress setups
  • Misc: Disable auto hide discount codes box functionality when the website has too many discount codes defined
  • Misc: Display future subscription billing amount when viewing a subscription in the back-end


  • Fix: Don't show Cancel subscription button for Unlimited subscriptions
  • Fix: An issue where there expiration date wasn't correctly set when a 100% discount code was used
  • Fix: Issue with Profile Builder form not being validated properly when Stripe was used
  • Fix: Issue with Sign-up fees being added to every Stripe recurring payment
  • Fix: Issue with free trial subscriptions that also had a sign-up fee not being properly activated through Stripe
  • Fix: Register form sidebar issue when it was placed alongside a login form on the same page
  • Misc: Added a shortcode that can be used to get a member count: [pms-count-members plan_id="" status=""]
  • Misc: Enable support for the Stripe Elements Appearance API. Rules can be added through the: pms_stripe_connect_elements_styling filter
  • Misc: Correct display for Payment Logs View Details modal
  • Misc: Added a new initial recommended step: Create Pricing Page


  • Feature: Added Divi Modules that can be used to create the pages with the plugin shortcodes
  • Fix: Issue with form location when validating Discount Codes request
  • Fix: Issue with doing it wrong notice relating to Gutenberg Content Restriction blocks
  • Fix: When using Stripe make sure usual URL parameters are retained when redirecting to the Register Success Page
  • Fix: Use site_url() when determining the location to return the admin when a Stripe connect account request is made
  • Fix: Issue with the Automatically Generate Password for users feature from Profile Builder when using Stripe
  • Misc: Hide Lost Connection notice from the plugin custom post type pages
  • Misc: Updated Stripe PHP bindings to the latest version
  • Misc: Added click to copy functionality for shortcodes displayed on the back-end pages
  • Misc: Fix javascript custom post types error showing in back-end


  • Feature: Added default form styling for block themes
  • Fix: Issue between Content Restriction and Gutenberg Blocks which was causing them to not load in back-end
  • Fix: Issue with Sign-up fee not being taken into consideration by tax breakdown on the Profile Builder form
  • Fix: A notice coming from the Gutenberg integration
  • Fix: Issue with Pricing Tables generation
  • Fix: Javascript error coming from the Subscription Purchase Link generator option from Gutenberg
  • Fix: Use the price of a subscription plan from the website when creating the initial payment intent
  • Fix: Stripe issue with future payment amount when a zero decimal currency was used
  • Misc: Stripe Copy Webhook URL button now works again
  • Misc: Added a filter over the Stripe redirect URL when an error happens: pms_stripe_error_redirect_url
  • Misc: Settings pages width improvements


  • Fix: Incompatibility issue with older versions of the paid plugin


  • Feature: Added the ability to customize the Password Reset Email
  • Fix: Added compatibility for the Profile Builder form and Stripe payment methods that redirect the user off site for completion
  • Fix: Issue with Link Popup not showing inside the Email or Content Restriction fields
  • Fix: Some issues with the subscription expiration date tag for Profile Builder
  • Misc: Small styling changes for Setup Wizard page
  • Misc: Added options to see This or Last Year data for the Dashboard stats widget
  • Misc: Fix a Stripe issue when trying to update metadata
  • Misc: More improvements to the settings pages

= 2.10.5 =

  • Feature: Added Password Strength and Length functionalities. Activate them from the Settings -> Misc page
  • Fix: Issue with Stripe Extra fields not showing in some cases
  • Fix: Stripe issue when a 100% discount code is used
  • Fix: Security issue when an admin was manually adding logs
  • Misc: Hide data saved in the PayPal API credential fields
  • Misc: Added a filter that can be used to set the language of the Stripe Payment Element: pms_stripe_elements_locale


  • Feature: Added the option to Bulk Import Discount Codes through a .csv file
  • Fix: Declare WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
  • Fix: Show correct price in the 3D Secure Authentication window when a plan has sign-up fees and the Profile Builder form is used
  • Misc: Fix some notices coming from the Export page and functionality
  • Misc: Small improvements to the Dashboard page for free users


  • Feature: Content Restriction for Gutenberg Blocks. You can now restrict any block based on subscription plans
  • Fix: Retry payment button wasn't showing when a subscription plan price was 0 but it had a sign-up fee
  • Fix: A notice triggering from the WooCommerce Discounts functionality in some cases
  • Fix: For PayPal Standard memberships with Free Trial where IPNs were not processed correctly in some cases
  • Fix: License activation messages when site limit is reached
  • Fix: Small corrections and more polishing for the new back-end styles
  • Misc: Filter account page base URL so you can make the shortcode work on multiple pages: pms_member_account_page_link


  • Feature: Updated Setup Wizard to a more modern interface
  • Feature: New main plugin page Dashboard which serves as a quick plugin overview
  • Fix: A notice appearing in some cases when localizing data for Gutenberg assets
  • Fix: A notice appearing on PHP 8.2
  • Fix: Issue with the Expiration Date tag for Profile Builder Userlisting where it wasn't returning the correct date in a case
  • Fix: Small fixes for the settings interfaces


  • Feature: Added a simple Pricing Page creation interface on the Subscription Plans page
  • Feature: Allow non-recurring Stripe payment methods to appear when recurring payments are disabled in settings
  • Fix: issue with Bulk Add Members filter by role not working when user role key was different than 0
  • Fix: warning appearing in some cases from the Redirect functionality from Content Restriction
  • Fix: some warnings relating to PHP 8.2
  • Fix: issue with Activate Subscription email not being sent when changing subscription
  • Fix: issue with expiration date being broken for unlimited subscription when adding a new manual payment

= 2.10.0 =

  • Fix: Issue with Stripe Connect and change/upgrade subscription
  • Fix: Small issue with the Dashboard Payments Widget not showing the full payments amount
  • Fix: Correct display issue for the expiration date of canceled PayPal subscriptions
  • Fix: Improve behaviour for WooCommerce Product Membership Discounts when the website has a lot of products defined
  • Misc: Added some information about a users subscriptions on the Edit User page

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