Usage Tracking

Being a repository plugin, by design, we do not receive any usage data.

We are also not tracking any information from your website by default.

If you wish to help us make Paid Member Subscriptions better for everyone, you can choose to share your data. Understanding how you are using the plugin will help us make better and more informed decisions.

What we’ll track

  • version information about WordPress, PHP, MySQL, our plugin and add-ons
  • active theme, installed plugins, active plugins and WordPress locale
  • plugin settings like payments (with api keys removed), content restriction, taxes etc
  • information about the defined subscription plans
  • total user, payments and members count; first and last payment dates
  • the url of your website

We do not track any sensitive information about you or your customers. No user, member or payments data that we store is shared with us.

Enable and Disable Usage Tracking

To enable this functionality go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Misc, check the box near Usage Tracking and save the settings.

To disable the functionality, you need to uncheck the same box and save the settings.

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