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Paid Member Subscriptions Add-on

Email Reminders

This add-on allows you to create multiple email reminders that are automatically sent to members before or after certain events take place (e.g. Subscription Expires, Last Login, Subscription Active etc.)

Key Features

  • Benefit from extra email tags that you can also use for the default emails
  • Create Multiple Email Reminders to increase your signup rates
  • Add content inside the emails to improve member retention, ultimately resulting in more revenue from your membership site
  • All Email Reminders are Sent Automatically to Members

There are a number of Email Reminder Types, or Triggers to choose from:

  • after Member Sings Up (subscription active) – Can be used for Up-Selling, highlighting Premium Content
  • after Member Abandons Signup (subscription pending) – Very efficient in increasing member signup rate
  • before Subscription Expires – Used for Subscriptions that don’t Renew Automatically
  • after Subscription Expires – Used for notifying the user about the new content that he is missing
  • before Subscription Renews Automatically – To let the user know before he’s billed again
  • since last login – Can be used to increase user engagement and retention

Emails can be configured for the user or admin.

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