Profile Builder comes with a range of Free and Advanced Add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality of the plugin.

You can check out all the available add-ons by visiting the add-ons page from the plugin menu.

NOTE: the modules section has been moved to the addons page as the Advanced Addons.


Pro Addons Profile Builder Pro

Available with a Profile Builder Pro license only.

  • Multiple Registration Forms – for setting up multiple registration forms with different fields for certain user roles
  • Multiple Edit Profile Forms – to allow different user roles to edit their specific profile information
  • User Listing – for creating multiple front-end listings of your users
  • Custom Redirects – for keeping your users out of the WordPress dashboard
  • Repeater Fields – easy to create repeater fields and groups of fields for advanced user profiles
  • BuddyPress – This integration lets you to easily extend the BuddyPress User Profiles with Profile Builder User Fields.

Profile Builder Basic or Pro

Available with a Profile Builder Basic or Pro license only.

Profile Builder Free Add-ons

Available with all versions of Profile Builder – Free, Basic or Pro.

  • Custom Login Page Templates – It customizes the default WordPress Login Page with different templates, logo and background uploads and also adds support for custom CSS.
  • Client Portal – Create Private Pages for your website users that only an Administrator can edit
  • Passwordless Login – Allows your users to login without a password
  • Import and Export PB Settings – Easily import and export Profile Builder Settings
  • Custom CSS Classes on Fields – This add-on extends the functionality of Profile Builder by allowing you to add custom CSS classes for fields
  • Maximum Character Length – You can limit the maximum number of characters a user can type in a field added and managed with Profile Builder
  • Multiple Admin Emails – Allows you to send Profile Builder’s user notification emails to multiple email addresses
  • Labels Edit – Easily edit labels of Profile Builder
  • Placeholder Labels – Hides all Profile Builder form labels and adds for each form field a placeholder with the title of the field
  • Email Confirmation Field – Check if the email address entered matches the first one, making sure a user submits a valid and correct email address
  • Select2 – Add an improved select field to the Profile Builder fields list

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