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Basic Changelog

= 1.2.8 =

  • Fix: Some issues with the form designs
  • Fix: Notices coming from the newer Instant Email Reminders functionality


  • Fix: Form styles compatibility fixes with different scenarios
  • Misc: Automatically create a buy now button for LearnDash courses which can be accessed after buying a Subscription Plan


  • Feature: Added the ability to send Email Reminders instantly on different subscription or payment actions
  • Fix: Styling fixes for the form styles
  • Misc: Replace the LearnDash login form link with the PMS Login form location


  • Feature: LearnDash integration add-on. Activate from the add-ons page and you can:
    • restrict access to Courses, Lessons and Quizzes
    • sell access to courses using a subscription plan (one time payment or recurring)


  • Fix: Hide Admin Emails box when editing a Member Email Reminder


  • Fix: Javascript error coming from the form designs functionality


  • Fix: Issue with Global Content Restriction rules not working when a post contained an image
  • Fix: Some styling issues with the form designs


  • Fix: Payment sidebar issue with short forms
  • Fix: Register form width issue when placed through an Elementor widget and form styles are used
  • Misc: Various fixes for form styles


  • Fix: An issue with the Since Last Login trigger from Email Reminders where it wasn't working properly
  • Misc: Added some filters for the back-end Email Reminders interface


  • Fix: Random issues with the form styles
  • Fix: A notice appearing in some cases coming from the Email Reminders functionality


  • Form design fixes


  • Fix: Small styling changes for new form designs
  • Fix: Javascript error coming from the new form styles in some cases


  • Feature: You can now enable different Form Designs for all of your front-end forms. Go to Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> General in order to select your style
  • Fix: Remove extra Group fields validation from Profile Builder edit profile forms


  • Fix: For Pay What You Want subscription plans, when the default selected plan has a minimum amount of 0


  • Fix: issue with PYWYW scenario where the form couldn't be submitted correctly


  • Compatibility changes


  • Fix: issue with the {{subscription_price}} Email Reminders tag


  • Compatibility changes


  • Misc: Execute shortcodes in the content of Email Reminders


  • Fix: issue with Navigation Menu Filtering add-on not allowing plan selections until the display to option was saved


  • Fix: don't save empty expiration date for fixed expiration date plans
  • Fix: issue with plan fixed expiration date not saving when site language was switched from english


  • Fix: some issue with Fixed Period Memberships and manual payments
  • Misc: compatibility changes
  • Misc: added some extra filters


  • Feature: Added option to create a discount code that is available only for new users
  • Feature: Added option to display a menu item only for Group Owners
  • Misc: Make sure all dates outputs from the Fixed Period Membership add-on are localized correctly


  • Misc: compatibility changes


  • Fix: Make sure Discount Codes box is only shown once when a subscription is changed


  • Fix: an issue with 'not_subscribed' restrict shortcode option when Multiple Subscriptions Per User add-on was enabled


  • Feature: Added recurring support for Fixed Period Memberships
  • Fix: For PayPal Express recurring subscriptions, if a discount is used for the first payment, properly display the order amount when the user creates the billing agreement on the PayPal website
  • Misc: Set default value of Maximum Uses and Limit Discount Uses Per User to unlimited when a Discount Code is created
  • Misc: Add processing state to PayPal Express Payment Confirmation form so it cannot be submitted multiple times


  • Fix: errors caused by the add-ons removal
  • Misc: Don't display new subscription form when doing an [pms-account] while on the [pms-register] form with Multiple Subscriptions Per User activated
  • Misc: improved updates unavailable message prompting users to insert their licence key


  • Initial Release

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