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With Social Connect Add-On you can easily enable social login on your website.

Social Connect ‹ Profile Builder Dev — WordPress

Download and activate

In order to download this plugin, you will need to go to your Cozmoslabs Account, login with the credentials used to purchase Profile Builder Pro or Hobbyist and then you will see your available downloads. From there, if you click on the Addons Download button you will be able to download Social Connect.


After downloading, unzip the downloaded file and copy the contents in the wp-content/plugins directory or just use the Upload Plugin functionality from your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.

Now head over to the Plugins section of the Dashboard and activate the add-on.


  • Choose on which form to display the social buttons
  • Choose buttons location, before or after the form fields
  • Choose buttons size, large with icon and text or small with only the social icon
  • Edit the text on large buttons
  • Add a heading before small buttons
  • Existing users can link their accounts with social platforms

After logging in with a social platform, the user who already created a normal account, will be asked to “link” the two accounts.

If your email used in social platform is the same used by an existing account:

1. You will be asked if you want to connect to your existing account.


2. If you choose Yes you will need to enter your existing account password in order to connect with that account.


3. If you choose No you will need to enter a new email so a new account can be created.


Note: You will need to enter this details only once, at account creation.

The same goes for example if you log in with Facebook and then decide to use Google+, but the user will need to “link” the accounts in “Edit Profile” page.


This level of flexibility and integration is meant to make it as easy as possible for users to sign up for your site.

General Settings


  • With Profile Builder Login, Register and Edit Profile checkboxes you can enable social login buttons on what type of Profile Builder form you want (on Edit Profile will be just for logged in users where they can merge their accounts with a social platform).
  • With Default WordPress Login and Register checkboxes you can enable social login buttons on default forms of WordPress.
  • For Multiple Registration and Edit-profile Forms you can enable or disable Social Connect buttons for each individual form from the meta-box located in each custom form page in the top right (see image below).


Application Settings


Here you can enable one or all of the available social platforms.

Check the documentation links if you need help to create an app for a platform.

Appearance Settings


  • Buttons Order – drag and drop (dots before the platform name) to arrange the order of the buttons in form.
  • Buttons Location – you can choose where the buttons will be (Before or After forms fields).
  • Buttons Style – first option (Small – only icons) will make the buttons small, with icons and no text on them (see images below) and the other option (Large – icons and text) will make the buttons large, with icons and text on them (see images below).



  • Heading Before Buttons only with Small – only icons option active – this will let you change the text displayed before the buttons (let the fields empty for no text). You can have a different text for Login/Register and Edit Profile forms.
  • Platform Button Text – only with Large – icons and text option active – this will let you change the text displayed on the buttons (an empty field will display the default text). You can have a different text for Login/Register and Edit Profile forms.


  • Default Social Connect CSS in the Front-end – uncheck this to use your own custom CSS for the buttons (don’t uncheck it if you don’t have a custom CSS for the Social Connect buttons).

Social Connect Add-On for Profile Builder