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Multiple Edit Profile Forms

Activating the Multiple Edit Profile Forms Add-on

The Multiple Edit Profile Forms add-on is available only with a Profile Builder Pro, or Agency license.

After purchasing the Pro, or Agency version of Profile Builder, you can check the following guide on how to install Profile Builder.

After the installation of the Pro, or Agency version, in order to activate the Multiple Edit Profile Forms Add-on, go to Dashboard →  Profile Builder →  Add-ons →  Multiple Edit Profile Forms Add-on and click activate.

Multiple Edit Profile Forms with Different Fields

After using Multiple Registration Forms to register different user roles with different fields, it makes sense to set up multiple edit profile forms and offer all these user types an option to access and edit their (different) profile information.

Using the Multiple Edit Profile addon you can set up one or more front-end edit profile forms with different fields.

After activating the addon from the Addons UI, the Edit-profile Forms tab will show up in the Profile Builder menu.

Here you can edit all the existing Edit Profile forms as well as add a new form. If you haven’t created any Edit Profile form yet, you will be taken directly to the Add New Edit Profile page.

Adding a new Edit Profile Form

For adding a new registration form, simply click the “Add New” button and enter a form Title.

You can also choose if you want to Redirect users after they edit their profile to a specific URL.

Managing Edit Profile Form Fields

When setting up a new edit profile form you can choose which fields to appear in it.

You can easily add, edit or delete any of the fields defined in the Manage Fields tab. You can also drag & drop to reorder the fields to your liking.

Using the Registration Forms and Edit Profile Forms addons you can set up different fields between the registration and edit profile forms, for a specific user role

You can have for example a lite registration, where users fill in only some basic fields, followed by a detailed edit profile where they are required to fill in more information.
Also using the two addons you can have some fields only show up on registration and not on the edit profile, making them not visible and editable by the user afterwards.

This setup offers major flexibility for managing your user fields.

Edit Profile Form Shortcode

After setting up the edit profile form options and fields you can go ahead and “Publish” it.

After publishing, you will be prompted with a form shortcode that can be used to display the form on the front-end.

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