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Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings is a setting page with extra options and specific features that you can enable and configure for Profile Builder.

Please take note that not all of the options will be visible for every Profile Builder version. Options which relate to paid features will only be available with Profile Builder Basic or Pro.


Allows you to enable different settings which affect Profile Builder forms:

Placeholder Labels This option lets you replace Labels with Placeholders in Profile Builder forms. You can read more about what can be achieved with this option here.

Allow or deny email domains from registering This option lets you allow registrations only from certain domains or deny registrations from certain domains.

Email Confirmation Bypass Forms Choose individual forms which should bypass the Email Confirmation feature.

“Email confirmation” when changing user email address If checked, an activation email is sent for the new email address.

Disable Email Confirmation for Social Connect registrations will allow users that register through the Social Connect add-on to bypass the Email Confirmation feature.

Remember me checked by default check the `Remember Me` checkbox on Login forms, by default.

Password Reset Auto-Login Automatically log in users after they reset their password using the Recover Password form.

Remove validation from back-end profile page When saving the back-end user profile, Profile Builder fields will not be validated anymore. eg.: bypass required attribute.

Consider `Anyone Can Register` WordPress option By default, Profile Builder ignores this setting. If you check this option, our registration form will consider it.

Modify default Redirect Delay timer This allows you to change the amount of seconds it takes for the `After Registration` redirect to happen.

Save Admin Approval status in usermeta by default, Profile Builder is saving the user approval status as a custom taxonomy that is attached to the user.

By checking this option, the status will also be saved in the `*_usermeta` table with the wppb_approval_status meta name.

Redirect `/author` page if user is not approved By default, users placed in Admin Approval will not be able to login, but the Author pages will be accessible.
Using this option you can redirect these pages, sending users who try to access them to your home page.

Save `Last Login` date in usermeta By checking this option, each time a user logins, the date and time will be saved in the database.

Save `Last Profile Update` date in usermeta By checking this option, each time a user edits his profile., the date and time will be saved in the database.

For the last 2 options, the data will be stored in the `*_usermeta` table and you can create a field in Profile Builder to manage it.

Disable automatic scrolling after submit  If you check this option, automatic scrolling will be disabled.

Use ajax on conditional fields   Select “Yes” for improved page performance.


Automatically generate passwords for users Allows you to generate users passwords automatically.

Note: For the users to receive the generated password inside of the emails, you will also need to add the {{password}} tag inside of the Registration Email template (Profile Builder Settings Email Customizer User Emails).

Modify the Send Credentials checkbox Lets you either change the text or hide the checkbox and enable the sending of the email.

Redirect users to a page if they have empty required fields
By activating this option, logged in users who have empty required fields on their profile will be redirected to the page you added above.

For example, you can redirect these users to the Edit Profile form so they can add the missing info.

Restrict Words Allows you to define some words which users cannot use in their Username, First Name or Last Name when registering.

Unique Display Name for users Restricts users from saving their profile if the chosen Display Name is already in use.

Always capitalize `First Name` and `Last Name` default fields If you have these fields in your forms, they will be always saved with the first letter as uppercase.

Datepicker starts on Monday Will make all Datepickers use Monday as the first day of the week.

Hide Repeater Fields from the back-end profile page Repeater Fields from Profile Builder do not work on the back-end user profile page, they are just displayed. If you want to remove them completely, you can use this option.
You will still be able to use them from a front-end edit profile form.

Show the Password field visibility toggle  Activating this option will show a visibility toggle button for all Password fields.

Remove All Extra Fields from Backend edit profile page If you activate this option, it will remove all custom fields from the backend profile page created with Profile Builder.

Update database entries when changing meta key By default, Profile Builder does not update the meta names for existing values if you change the meta name of a field.
By checking this option, the plugin will update all existing entries if you change a meta name.


Change placeholder text for Search box This option allows you to change the placeholder text from the {{{extra_search_all_fields}}} tag.

Default text is Search Users by All Fields, use this option to change it to something else. Leave empty if you do not want to change it.

Modify base URL for Single Userlisting By default, Single Userlisting URLs contain the word user. eg.: http://website.com/userlisting/user/123

Using this option, you can change the word user to something else. Leave empty if you do not want to change it.

Make the Single Userlisting URLs work with user nicename By default Single Userlisting URLs are generated using the users ID. eg.: http://website.test/userlisting/user/123

With this option activated, the URLs will be generated using the users nicename.

Remove repetition counts from Faceted Menus The number of users that share a particular value is shown for the Select and Checkbox facet types. If you enable this option they will be hidden.


Allows you to enable different shortcodes for your website:


Allow users with the ‘delete_users’ capability to view the Admin Approval list
By checking this option, you will allow users that have the ‘delete_users’ capability to access and use the Admin Approval list.

Allow users with the ‘delete_users’ capability to view the list of Unconfirmed Emails By checking this option, you will allow users that have the ‘delete_users’ capability to see the list of Unconfirmed Email Addresses.

Disable confirmation dialog for the {{approval_url}} or {{approval_link}} Email Customizer tags By checking this option, you will disable the confirmation dialog, allowing you to approve new users simply by visiting the {{approval_url}} or {{approval_link}}.

Multiple Admin Emails Set multiple admin e-mail addresses that will receive e-mail notifications sent by Profile Builder.

After you click “Yes” on “Multiple Admin Emails” you can enter multiple email addresses that you wish to send Profile Builder Admin Notifications in the input labeled “Admin Emails” that appears below.

Therefore, when a new user is registering or there is a new user waiting for Admin Approval, an Email Notification will be sent to each and every one of these addresses. In this field, you can type as many Email Addresses as you need, separated by a comma.

Activating this setting will replace the Email Address found in Settings -> General.

By default, when you activate this setting, it will be populated with the default Email address from WordPress.

Disable Multiple User Roles  Activating this option will disable the ability to select multiple roles for a user.

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