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Multiple Admin Emails


Multiple Admin Emails allows you to send Profile Builder’s User Notification Emails to Multiple Email Addresses.

Enable the Multiple Admin Emails setting

Visit Advanced Settings and then the Admin tab, where you can enable the Multiple Admin Emails setting

Profile Builder Pro - Multiple Admin Emails - Backend

Adding the additional Email Addresses

After you click “Yes” on “Multiple Admin Emails” you can enter multiple email addresses that you wish to send Profile Builder Admin Notifications in the input labeled “Admin Emails” that appears bellow.

Therefore, when a new user is registering or there is a new user waiting for Admin Approval, an Email Notification will be send to each and every one of these addresses. In this field you can type as many Email Addresses as you need, separated by a comma.

Activating this setting will replace the Email Address found in Settings -> General.

By default, when you activate this setting, it will be populated with the default Email address from WordPress.

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