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Labels Edit

Profile Builder Pro - Labels Edit - Backend

Labels Edit Add-on will help you edit all Profile Builder labels.

Activate the Labels Edit Add-on

This addon is included in the Profile Builder plugin. To activate the Labels Edit Add-on navigate to Profile Builder → Add-ons page, locate it under the Free Add-ons section, and click Activate.

The Labels Edit add-on is included in all versions of Profile Builder starting with version 3.3.4.

Edit Labels

To edit a label first you need to select the desired string in the Label to Edit select. With the label selected enter the new string in the New Label textarea and hit Add Entry.

Profile Builder - Labels Edit - Backend Edit

After you edit a label the add-on will automatically replace the old label with the new one in all places both Front-End and Back-End.

Profile Builder Pro - Labels Edit - Changed Label

Front End

Profile Builder Pro - Labels Edit - Front End

You can edit all the edited labels by clicking the Edit button from the edited labels table.

Profile Builder - Labels Edit - Edit Changed Label

Rescan Labels

If we’ll add more labels after an update you can rescan Profile Builder by clicking on the Rescan button. The “Labels to Edit” select will be updated with all the new labels.

Profile Builder - Labels Edit - Rescan Labels

Variables explained

Variables with numbers like 1, 2, 3, etc. help us to output variables content in any order in a string.

You must be careful and place them like in the default string, see e.g.


Old Label -> In %1$d sec, click %2$s.%3$s

New Label -> Click %2$s.%3$s in %1$d sec

Variables can output links, user usernames, email, etc.

Note – You must escape characters in new labels like in the old labels by using \”


Old Label -> Password Reset from \”%1$s\”

New Label -> From \”%1$s\”, a password reset

Import and Export Labels

In the Import and Export Labels tab, you can Export Labels as a .json file. The edited labels can be imported into your new website by using the exported .json file.

Profile Builder - Labels Edit - Import Export Labels

Clicking on the Import button while we added our .json file will trigger a notification.

Profile Builder - Labels Edit - Confirm Import

After a Successful Import, you will see a success notification.

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