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Content Restriction

Activating Content Restriction

To activate this feature go to Profile Builder -> Settings, click on the Content Restriction tab and then set the Content Restriction option to Yes.

The settings for this feature are present on the same page.

Content Restriction Page

Content Restriction Meta-Box

Restrict Content Shortcode

You can read more about this here.

Restrict WooCommerce Products

This feature also supports WooCommerce Products so you can restrict access to them based on User Roles or the logged in status of the user. This works through the normal Content Restriction metabox that appears on Products (identic to the one that appears on posts/pages).

Content Restriction metabox on WooCommerce products.

Restrict Elementor Widgets and Sections

The Content Restriction feature from Profile Builder works great with Elementor, allowing you to restrict widgets and sections directly from Elementor’s front-end visual interface.

Restrict Gutenberg Blocks

This functionality is described in this section of the Documentation.

Restrict Divi Modules

This functionality is described in this section of the Documentation.

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