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Profile Builder Settings

The Settings page lets you take advantage of the extra features of Profile Builder.

Form Designs

Profile Builder Forms can now be beautified using Form Styles.

To preview a particular Style’s design, hover over the Style and click on the Preview button.

This will give you a sneak peek of the style’s appearance.

To choose a Style, just click on the style you want to use.

The selected Style will be activated once you save the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

This feature is only available in the BASIC or PRO version of Profile Builder. Unlock PRO Features

To display the Form Labels as depicted in the Preview images, activate the “Enable Placeholder Labels” Option in Profile Builder –> Advanced Settings –> Froms.

Automatically Log In

If you set this option to Yes, users who will complete the registration form will be automatically logged in. You can also use a shortcode parameter to modify this option as described here.

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation helps you make sure users sign up with genuine emails.

Profile Builder - Email Confirmation Settings
The “Email Confirmation” feature is active (by default) on WordPress Multisite installations

By activating Email Confirmation, after registration users will receive a notification to confirm their email address. As Admin you can confirm the user’s email address and also you can resend the email confirmation notification manually by going to Users -> All Users -> Users with Unconfirmed Email Address.

Profile Builder - Email Confirmation Backend
On single-site installations, this works with front-end forms only. We recommended to redirect the default WordPress registration form to a Profile Builder one using the Custom Redirects module

Admin Approval

This feature is only available in the BASIC or PRO version of Profile Builder. Unlock PRO Features

Using Admin Approval you can decide who is a user on your website.


By activating Admin Approval each user that registers on the website will be given a Pending status and will need to be approved or unapproved by the admin before he/she can login. To approve or unapprove users you will need to go to Users -> All Users -> Admin Approval.

Profile Builder - Admin Approval Backend

You’ll get notified via email to review new users, or you can also approve multiple users at once from the WordPress UI.

The Admin Approval feature will not work if you register users while being logged in as Admin

Admin Approval based on User Role

After activating the Admin Approval feature, you’ll be able to select the user roles that require admin approval upon registration.


This will allow you to control which user roles need admin approval and which can register automatically.

Approve Users from Admin Email

A faster way to approve newly registered users without logging into the WordPress back-end, is to do it directly from the admin email, by clicking a specifically formed link.

Using the Admin Approval feature in combination with the Email Customizer functionality, you can easily set up user approval from the admin email.

For this, you need to go to Profile Builder -> Settings -> Email Customizer -> Administrator Emails -> scroll down you locate the “Registration with Admin Approval” email template.

In order to approve (or unapprove) users from the admin email we’ll use one of the four available tags: {{approve_url}}, {{unapprove_url}}, {{{approve_link}}}, {{{unapprove_link}}}. The first two will output the URL which can be used to build an approval/ unapproval link, while the last ones will output directly the clickable approval/ unapproval link.

After inserting one of the two tags in the email content, make sure to click “Save settings” and you’re done. Now, every time a new user registers the admin will receive the notification email containing the approval link.

After clicking the link the admin will be notified if the operation has been successful. If so, the new user will be approved, notified, and able to log in to the website.

Login with Username / Email

Allows users to log in only with their Username, Email, or both when accessing your site.

Minimum Password Length

With Profile Builder you can enforce a minimum password length on all registrations, edit profiles, and recover password forms.


Simply enter the minimum number of characters the password should have or leave it empty for no minimum limit.

This applies to both front-end forms added with Profile Builder or the default back-end WordPress forms
Enforcing a minimum password length on the front-end registration form
Enforcing a minimum password length on the front-end registration form

Minimum Password Strength

You can also set a minimum password strength to make sure users don’t register with weak passwords.


Once users try to register, edit their profile, or change their password, they will be prompted with a password strength meter to make sure they choose a safe password.

We’re using the existing password strength meter from the WordPress core because it’s one of the most accurate in deciding what makes a strong password.
Profile Builder makes sure all registration forms throw errors if the password strength restrictions aren’t met.

Enforcing the minimum password strength on the front-end Register page
Enforcing the minimum password strength on the front-end Register page.

Load Profile Builder CSS

You can choose whether to load or not the default plugin CSS.

Profile Builder’s own CSS file applies basic styling and smoothness to the front-end forms created with our plugin.

We made it really easy to disable, in case you need to add custom styling to the registration forms.

Profile Builder forms are structured so that every element can be targeted and manipulated via CSS. Most elements share reusable class names to affect styling, and many elements have unique IDs that you can use to target specific elements within the form.

Feel free to customize each form element to your liking.

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