How to create a Facebook App for Social Connect

Login into Facebook for Developers

First, you will need to go to Facebook for Developers and to Login into your Facebook Account.

Register as a Facebook Developer

If you are not a Facebook Developer click on “Get Started”, accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy, by clicking on Continue.

Verify Facebook Account

If your Facebook Account is not verified you will be prompted to verify it. After completing all the requested details click on Complete Registration.

Create the Facebook App after Registration

After you Register as a Facebook Developer you will be able to create your first Facebook App. Click on Create App.

Set the Category to Business

Set the Display Name (which is the name of your Facebook App), the Contact Email, and optionally the Business Account. After you’ve finishing to set up the App click on “Create App”.

Setup the application

After clicking on “Create App” you will get redirected to the Settings page within your Facebook Developer Account. Here you will need to click on “Basic”.

Here you will need to set the:

→ App Domains –

→ Privacy Policy URL –

→ Terms of Service URL –

Select Web Platform

You have to scroll down the page and click on “Add Platform”, the following pop-up will open and you have to choose “Website”.

Add your Website URL

And now enter the URL of your website and click on Save Changes.

App Review

After saving the URL of your website click on “Permission and Features”, displayed on the left side.

→ Search for email and click on “Get Advanced Access”

→ Search for public_profile and click on “Get Advanced Access”

Set up Facebook Login

From the left menu, click on Add Product -> and Set up Facebook Login.

Login with JavaScript SDK

Go to Facebook Login -> Settings-> enable “Login with the JavaScript SDK” and add the site URL at “Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK”.

Copy the Facebook App ID

Now go to Dashboard, displayed on the left side, and copy your App ID.

Paste the Facebook App ID

After you copy the Facebook App ID go to your website -> Dashboard -> Profile Builder -> Social Connect -> Enable Facebook Login and paste your Facebook App ID. Scroll to the bottom to Save.

Profile Builder Pro - Social Connect - Application Settings - Facebook App

Facebook Login in Front End

Social Login with Facebook should be available on WordPress Default and Profile Builder forms.

Profile Builder Pro - Social Connect - Application Settings - Facebook in Login Form

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