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MailPoet Add-on allows users to subscribe to your MailPoet lists directly from the Profile Builder Register and Edit Profile forms.

You can add unlimited MailPoet Subscribe fields in your Register and Edit Profile forms. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe from individual lists at any time. The add-on takes into account the double opt-in setting from MailPoet plugin.

Activating the MailPoet Add-on

The Mailpoet Add-on is compatible with both MailPoet version 3 and the old MailPoet version 2.

MailPoet is an Advanced add-on, available with a Profile Builder Basic, Pro, or Agency license only.

After purchasing a premium version of Profile Builder, you can check the following guide on how to install Profile Builder.

After the installation of the Basic, Pro, or Agency version, in order to activate The MailPoet add-on, go to Dashboard → Profile Builder → Add-ons → MailPoet Add-on and click activate.

For the MailPoet add-on to work as expected, you’ll also need to have the following plugins installed and activated on your site:

Adding the MailPoet Subscribe checkbox to the form

Adding the MailPoet Subscribe field to the Profile Builder form is made from the Profile Builder -> Manage fields tab.

Here you need to select a list from your already configured MailPoet lists, so that users can choose to subscribe to that specific list.

MailPoet Lists can be created if you go to MailPoet -> Subscribers -> Add List.

Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Create a MailPoet List

You can add an appropriate field title, decide whether the field is checked by default or if to hide the checkbox on the Edit Profile forms and also you can set a conditional logic rule. When you are done click Add Field.

The MailPoet Subscribe field in Frontend

After we add the MailPoet Subscribe field in Profile Builder -> Manage Fields we can see it in our Registration form. The checkbox “Subscribe to Monthly IT Newsletter” is checked by default as we previously set it up.

Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Registration Form

The MailPoet Subscribe field can be placed on Edit Profile forms too, allowing users to subscribe to new lists or unsubscribe from existing ones.

MailPoet is an Advanced add-on, available only with a Profile Builder Basic or Pro license.

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