Customization Toolbox

Profile Builder add-on

This is a collection of Profile Builder’s most popular customization requests.

It’s available under Settings -> Advanced Settings tab in Profile Builder and offers a wide range of extra options and specific features that you can enable and configure.

Key Features

  • Automatically generate passwords for your users
  • Allow or Deny certain email domains from registering
  • Redirect users to a specific page if they have empty required fields
  • Remove fields validation from the back-end profile page
  • Ban certain words from being used in the First Name, Last Name or Username fields
  • Make Userlisting work with user nicename instead of ID
  • Change Send Credentials checkbox
  • & many more; the complete feature list can be found on the documentation page


This functionality is available in all versions of the plugin:

  • Profile Builder Free, Basic or Pro



Find out more by reading the documentation for the Profile Builder – Advanced Settings.