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hCaptcha for WordPress

You can add hCaptcha to the Profile Builder forms while using the popular hCaptcha for WordPress plugin. hCaptcha offers enhanced security against spam and bot attacks and an improved user experience with user-friendly challenges.

hCaptcha set up

First of all, you will need to download and install the hCaptcha for WordPress plugin on your site. After the plugin is successfully activated, you will need to go to your site’s Dashboard → Settings → hCaptcha → General → and here you will need to add your hCaptcha Keys. These keys will need to be copied from your hCaptcha’s account.

The Secret Key displayed during the initial setup is unique to your account since it will be used for all your domains. This key is only accessible during the setup process, so it’s crucial to securely store it for future use.

Integration settings

After successfully connecting the hCaptcha keys to your site, you will need to go to the hCaptcha → Integrations → and from here you can choose which Profile Builder forms you would like to have the hCaptha added to them.

hCatpcha Profile Builder settings

You can see below an example of how the Profile Builder Login form looks when the hCaptcha functionality is active.

Profile Builder Login form with hCatpcha

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