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Conditional Logic for User Fields

Conditional Logic for User Fields is available in Profile Builder Basic or Pro.

Conditional Logic Overview

Conditional Logic allows you to show or hide fields based on user input. This way the user registration or edit profile form fields will dynamically show or hide based on user selections.

Conditional Logic can be applied to a user field when creating a new field or editing an existing one.

Conditional Logic option is located under Profile Builder -> Manage Fields, in the Field Properties box.

Conditional Logic Options

  • Conditional Logic applies only to front-end forms. In back-end it won’t hide any fields
  • if a field is required but is hidden, with Conditional Logic, it will bypass the check for required fields on form submit
  • in Multiple Forms, if you got a field with Conditinal Logic, you must add in that form all the fields present in option for that to work
  • Default – Username, Default – E-mail and Default – Password fields don’t have Conditional Logic options
  • Default – Username and Default – E-mail can be a part of Conditional Logic options in other fields


When setting up conditional logic for a certain field you can add rules based on the options below:

Example of Adding Conditional Logic to a Field

Below we’ll focus on setting up a conditional Phone field, which will display only if certain user inputs are met.

For Select (Country) field you must type the country code in back-end Conditional Logic option.

Conditional Logic Field

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