Profile Builder Frequently Asked Questions

  • First download the new product archive from your Cozmoslabs Account and then navigate to your Dashboard -> Plugins page.

    Search for Profile Builder and delete it (your settings will remain), then go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin and upload the archive you downloaded from our website.

    Then just activate the plugin back and you should get access to the paid features.

    Other information can be read about on this page.

  • The paid add-ons are available to be downloaded from your Cozmoslabs Account page.

  • Yes, Profile Builder is compatible with cache plugins.

    If you are encountering issues with the registration page, you need to exclude the registration page from the cache.

  • If you see this message when you try to register you most likely have a caching plugin enabled. To solve this, you need to exclude the registration page from the cache.

  • This issue might happen due to the Jetpack plugin.

    To make the login work correctly go to Jetpack -> Settings -> Security and in the Brute force attack protection section disable the Block suspicious-looking sign in activity option.

  • This can be achieved if you also have installed our membership plugin Paid Member Subscriptions.

    You can read more about the integration here.

  • Upgrades may take up to 30 minutes to confirm so if you don't see the new product into your account instantly, try to wait a bit and check again.

    If it doesn't appear, please contact support.

  • Check if you're using iThemes Security. If yes, please go to their settings page, then go to System Tweaks and from here disable the Filter Long URL Strings option.

  • You can make use of the free Labels Edit add-on to change any string or label from the plugin.

  • There can sometimes be a delay of a few minutes until a new Serial Number is validated by our server. If more than a few hours pass and you are still unable to register the plugin please contact support.

  • Profile Builder Pro

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