MailPoet Add-on

Profile Builder add-on

Allow users to subscribe to your MailPoet lists directly from the Register and Edit Profile forms.
Supports the latest MailPoet version 3.

Key Features

  • Add unlimited MailPoet Subscribe fields in your Registration and Edit Profile forms
  • Allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe from individual lists at any time
  • Takes into account the double opt-in setting from MailPoet


For this add-on to work as expected you’ll also need to have installed:


Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - MailPoet Subscribe Field
Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Create a MailPoet List
Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Setup MailPoet Subscribe Field
Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Registration Form
Profile Builder Pro - MailPoet - Edit Profile Form


Find out more by reading this documentation for the Profile Builder – MailPoet Add-on.


For the latest features and fixes view the changelog.

This is an Advanced Add-On and is available only with a valid Pro or Basic License.