Multiple Admin E-mails

This add-on will add a new option inside the General Settings page of Profile Builder where you can enter multiple e-mail addresses that you wish to send notifications coming from Profile Builder to. Therefore, when a new user is registering or there is a new user waiting for Admin Approval, a notification e-mail will be send to each and everyone of these addresses.

Activating this add-on will replace the Email Address found in Settings -> General.

Install the Multiple Admin E-mails add-on

The add-on can be downloaded by going to its add-on page.

Adding the additional email addresses

Navigate to Profile Builder -> General Settings and you should see the new option named ‘Admin Emails’. In this field you can type as many email addresses as you need, separated by a comma.

By default, when you activate this plugin, it will be populated with the default email address from WordPress.

Multiple Admin E-mails Add-On for Profile Builder