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Roles Editor

Activating Roles Editor

The Roles Editor feature is available starting with version 2.6.2 of Profile Builder Free, Basic and Pro

To activate this feature go to Profile Builder General Settings and enable the “Roles Editor” functionality, then click Save Changes.

After this, you will find the Roles Editor sub-page under the Users page.

Roles Editor Page

  1. Under every role you have options:
    • Edit – to edit the role
    • Clone – duplicate role capabilities to a new role (saves time when you create a new role)
    • Deletepermanently delete a role – (important) This can’t be undone! (you can’t delete your administrator role or default role – change the default role to another and then delete the old one)
    • Change Default – this option is displayed only for the default role so you can go and change it
  2. Role Slug – this is the role slug / id (can be different than role name / display name)
  3. Capabilities – number of capabilities assigned to that role
  4. Users – number of users with that role
  • If you delete a role, it will be removed from all users that currently have it
  • If this results in the user having no other roles, he will be assigned the Default Role from your website

Individual Role Edit

The Slug and Display Name can’t be edited for existing roles, you can only edit them when a role is created for the first time


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