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Profile Builder Free Changelog


  • Fix: Compatiblity issue with Elementor templates when displaying success messages
  • Fix: PHP 8 notice coming from a functionality
  • Misc: Fix admin menu styling when viewing the Private page


  • Fix: Security misconfiguration issue with the allow/deny domains option. Thanks to Ananda Dhakal
  • Fix: Issue with display of Select2 fields in back-end
  • Fix: Notice appearing in some cases relating to Gutenberg blocks
  • Fix: Issue with login when the username has an email format
  • Fix: Invisible reCaptcha compatibility with the Stripe gateway from Paid Member Subscriptions
  • Misc: Random adjustments for back-end pages


  • Fix: Exclude the register only terms and conditions field from the Redirect if Empty Required field functionality
  • Fix: Issue with password reset links when the username contained spaces
  • Fix: Issue with the Automatically Generate Passwords functionality not working when language was different than English
  • Fix: Private Website redirect preventing logins when the force login url parameter was present
  • Misc: Improvements to honeypot field
  • Misc: Change plugin icon from admin menu
  • Misc: Random changes for back-end pages design
  • Misc: Updated form styles preview images


  • Fix: Javascript error triggering from the Elementor Pro integration
  • Fix: A potential notice appearing in a case
  • Misc: Use role name instead of slug for Dashboard page Recent Registrations feed


  • Feature: Added Content Restriction options for Divi Builder modules
  • Fix: Issue with Unique Display Name not working correctly
  • Misc: Added plugin marketing optin process
  • Misc: Improve description for the auto generate password feature
  • Misc: Fixed a notice appearing on back-end pages
  • Misc: Removed outdated translation files that were being shipped with the plugin


  • Fix: A security issue regarding missing authorization when performing a 2FA settings change. Code was actually moved from the free version to paid. Thanks to Kodai Kubono from WordFence
  • Fix: A compatibility issue with the Solid Backups plugin
  • Fix: Notices coming from the Gutenberg Blocks Content Restriction functionality
  • Misc: Fix a notice appearing from the capitalize first and last names setting


  • Fix: Security issue regarding the usermeta shortcode. Thanks to Francesco Carlucci
  • Fix: A case where Select2 was not working correctly
  • Fix: Issue with Restricted Words settings where you couldn't add new words in the input
  • Fix: Issue with Divi modules assets not loading
  • Fix: Issue with the Modify Default Redirect timer option not showing
  • Misc: Random changes to some settings descriptions
  • Misc: Fix console errors coming from select other users dropdown in a special case


  • Feature: Added Divi Modules that can be used to create the pages with the plugin shortcodes
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Elementor when setting display rules for templates
  • Fix: HPOS notification issue when a paid version of Profile Builder was active
  • Fix: An issue with the Group Details fields from Paid Member Subscriptions always being visible when the Profile Builder form was used
  • Misc: Changes to some metaboxes positioning in back-end
  • Misc: Added floating save button for certain settings pages
  • Misc: 2FA setting was being wrongly displayed in back-end for free version where it wasn't available
  • Misc: Added filters to pre-fill the input and hidden input fields: wppb_form_input_field_value and wppb_form_hidden_input_field_value


  • Fix: Issue with Content Restriction and Gutenberg Blocks which was causing them to not load in back-end
  • Fix: WooCommerce HPOS issue where the plugin was detected as compatible only with Content Restriction active
  • Fix: Issue with Labels Edit metaboxes not being displayed correctly
  • Fix: Jquery issue when a block theme was activated
  • Misc: Some more settings styling changes and regrouping
  • Misc: Extend Custom CSS Classes on Fields functionality to some fields who were missing it
  • Misc: Fix a missing file warning when editing posts coming from the Select2 functionality
  • Misc: Added click to copy functionality for the shortcodes that are displayed in the back-end


  • Fix: Issue with Email Customizer not loading
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with newer versions of WooCommerce where Avatar or Upload fields were not working
  • Fix: The Events Calendar compatibility issue with the Restrict Rest API option from our Private Website functionality
  • Fix: Deprecation notice with newer versions of PHP
  • Fix: Issue between password strength functionality and password management programs that can autofill the password field
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Paid Member Subscriptions where some unwanted admin menu items were showing
  • Fix: The Admin Bar functionality will now always show the bar for admins if enabled even if they have additional user roles which might have it disabled
  • Misc: Setup Wizard styling tweaks
  • Misc: Dashboard page registered users widget is now correctly showing 0 values


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with other plugins that was generated on our custom settings pages
  • Fix: Issue with older WordPress versions and some of our functionality
  • Fix: A security issue on the Paid Member Subscriptions cross promotion page
  • Fix: Issue where you couldn't see the popup to insert/edit a link the TinyMCE back-end editors
  • Misc: Fix a back-end description
  • Misc: Improve settings messages about licenses


  • Fix: Fatal error introduced in last version
  • Misc: Small styling changes for Setup Wizard page


  • Fix: An error triggering from the Setup Wizard in a case
  • Fix: Back-end compatibility error that was being triggered when the Breeze Cache plugin was active
  • Fix: For Gutenberg Content Restriction messages that weren't centered on the page
  • Fix: Some warnings and notices appearing on PHP 8.2
  • Fix: Declare WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
  • Misc: random fixes for the new back-end styles


  • Feature: Added Onboarding Wizard for easier plugin setup
  • Feature: New main plugin page Dashboard which serves as a quick plugin overview
  • Fix: Parse shortcodes from the WooCommerce Content Restriction messages
  • Fix: Issue where the Email Change notification couldn't be customized through the Email Customizer
  • Fix: Random changes for the new settings pages


  • Feature: Content Restriction for Gutenberg Blocks. You can now restrict any block based on user roles
  • Fix: A notice appearing from the Email Confirmation functionality in some cases
  • Fix: Random fixes for the new settings pages design
  • Fix: A notice coming from the Capitalize First Last Name advanced setting
  • Fix: Warning messages coming with PHP 8.2
  • Fix: Correctly save GDPR checkbox value when Email Confirmation is used
  • Misc: Disabling the auto scroll of forms had unintended effects, the option now only disables the auto scroll functionality
  • Misc: Add a filter over the Content Restriction metabox so it can be used to select for who and where to show it
  • Misc: Allow admins on multi-site to view the User to Edit field from Edit Profile forms if their user role has the remove_users capability

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