Roles Editor

Activating Roles Editor

The Roles Editor feature is available starting with version 2.6.2 of Profile Builder Free, Basic and Pro

To activate this feature go to Profile Builder -> General Settings and select Yes for the “Roles Editor” entry, then click Save Changes.

After this, you will find the Roles Editor sub-page under the Users page.

Roles Editor Page

  1. Under every role you have options:
    • Edit – to edit the role
    • Clone – duplicate role capabilities to a new role (saves time when you create a new role)
    • Deletepermanently delete a role – (important) This can’t be undone! (you can’t delete your administrator role or default role – change the default role to another and then delete the old one)
    • Change Default – this option is displayed only for the default role so you can go and change it
  2. Role Slug – this is the role slug / id (can be different than role name / display name)
  3. Capabilities – number of capabilities assigned to that role
  4. Users – number of users with that role
  • If you delete a role, it will be removed from all users that currently have it
  • If this results in the user having no other roles, he will be assigned the Default Role from your website

  • Capabilities text colors:
    • blue – that capability is a new one added and it is not saved until Publish / Update button is clicked
    • black – an existing capability of that role

Individual Role Edit

  • Edit the user role to add or remove capabilities
The Slug and Display Name can’t be edited for existing roles, you can only edit them when a role is created for the first time


  • Use multiple select to add one or more existing capabilities to a role

  • Use Add New Capability link to change the select to input and add a new custom capability

  • Delete Permanently:
    • (important) This can’t be undone! To add it back you must add it to a role as a new custom capability
    • only for custom capabilities – created by you or by plugins
    • deletes the capability from you site and from every role


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