GDPR Communication Preferences

This add-on plugin adds a GDPR Communication preferences field to Profile Builder.

Activate the GDPR Communication Preferences Add-on

This addon is included in the Profile Builder plugin. To activate the GDPR Communication Preferences Add-on navigate to the Add-ons page, locate it under the Free Add-ons section and click Activate.


The GDPR Communication add-on is included in all versions of Profile Builder starting with version 3.3.4.

Adding the GDPR Communication Preferences Field to Forms

Once the add-on is activated, a new field type called GDPR Communication Prefenrences will appear under Profile Builder -> Form Fields select.

GDPR Communication Preferences add field

By adding it to your forms, users will be asked to give consent on the communication preferences (how they want to be contacted).
You can select any of the following options: Email, SMS, Phone, Post, as well as the order in which they appear on the front-end forms.

GDPR Communication Preferences Field
We also save the changes of the preferences by the user in the front-end with a timestamp in the database. We save them as a serialized array in the usermeta table with the name “gdpr_communication_preferences_history”

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