Email Confirmation Field

Profile Builder add-on

The Email Confirmation Field add-on is meant to check if the email address entered matches the first one, making sure a user submits a valid and correct email address.

Key Features

  • Once the add-on is installed and activated, the Email Confirmation field type will show up in the Manage Fields drop-down from Profile Builder
  • By adding this field to the Manage Fields list, it will show up on the front-end user registration form created with Profile Builder
  • The Email Confirmation field is “Required” by default, and will throw an error every time the two email addresses do not match


Download Email Confirmation Add-On

Note: For the Profile Builder – Email Confirmation Field Add-on to work as expected, you’ll need to have already installed Profile Builder (free or premium) version 2.0.6 or higher.


Find out more by reading this tutorial on using the Profile Builder – Email Confirmation Field Add-on.