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Profile Builder Basic Changelog


  • Fix: Some errors triggering when an invalid MailChimp API key was saved


  • Fix: Issue with Multi-Step forms error triggered from the repeat password field was resetting the form back to the first step
  • Fix: Issue with the WYSIWYG when the field was placed under approval from the EPAA add-on
  • Fix: The Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor fields can now be added correctly from Form Fields
  • Misc: Small styling fix for the form styles functionality


  • Fix: An issue with the Simple Upload field
  • Misc: Load back-end scripts for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor add-ons only on necessary pages
  • Misc: Remove styling for PMS Email Confirmation form from the Form Designs feature
  • Misc: Properly style the WPPB Resent Email Confirmation form using the Form Designs
  • Misc: Add {{approval_url}} and {{{approval_link}}} tags to the EPAA admin email


  • Fix: issue between PMS pay what you want functionality and new Form Designs
  • Fix: issue between 2FA functionality and new form designs
  • Fix: for the bbPress Login form option that didn't remain saved


  • Fix: issue between new form styles and Paid Member Subscriptions Billing Fields
  • Fix: issue with Select2 Multiple occurring when field data was saved as serialized
  • Misc: minor changes to Social Connect Settings page


  • Fix: Some compatibility issues between Edit Profile Approve by Admin and the new Form Styles functionality
  • Fix: Add labels functionality info to Form Designs
  • Fix: Don't display multiple infoview windows on a map
  • Fix: Fixed issue that caused the Display on WooCommerce Checkout option to be hidden for Repeater Fields
  • Misc: Properly remove orphaned pending status when users are deleted


  • Fix: Compatibility for Timepicker field with EPAA add-on
  • Misc: Correctly set default active form style on initial installation


  • Feature: You can now enable different Form Designs for all of your front-end forms. Go to Profile Builder -> General Settings to select your style.


  • Fix: Issue where you had to press twice on the login button in order for it to work when 2FA was enabled
  • Fix: Issue with Upload field losing track of target file in some cases


  • Fix: issue with EPAA emails edited from the back-end not applying when the message was sent


  • Fix: Social Connect Google login. This requires you to add the Google Client Name on the Profile Builder -> Social Connect page
  • Fix: Disable WooCommerce auto login if Admin Approval is enabled
  • Misc: Update WooCommerce templates versions
  • Misc: Added a filter that can be used to change the required capability to view the Mailchimp settings page: wppb_mailchimp_page_capability


  • Fix: Issue with Select2 Multiple not loading correctly


  • Fix: issue with 2FA functionality and newer block themes
  • Fix: simple upload fields issue on mobile and improve UI when waiting for the upload to process
  • Fix: case where 2FA fields were duplicated in a scenario with Elementor


  • Fix: issue with large icons and text Social Connect display option
  • Fix: issue with {{approval_url}} tag for EPAA email notification that wasn't working in some cases


  • Feature: Added option to set the password recovery link on the login form that can be added on the WooCommerce account page
  • Misc: compatibility changes


  • Fix: issue with Language field not saving the language correctly when Email Confirmation was enabled
  • Fix: case where back-end fields were validated for the currently logged in user
  • Misc: compatibility fixes for Datepicker field with a WooCommerce add-on


  • Fix: Add compatibility between Custom Profile Menus iFrames and Max Mega Menu plugin
  • Fix: Issue between Simple Upload Fields and Conditional Logic
  • Misc: Add .ico image type in the default image types for Avatar fields


  • Fix: cases where forms were submitted before the file in an simple upload field was uploaded
  • Fix: add back social connect option to bypass email confirmation


  • Fix: make sure GDPR consent is properly stored when registering through Social Connect and Email Confirmation is active
  • Misc: remove the Filter Media menu from the Upload field Media Gallery popup
  • Misc: fix a random issue with Social Connect when platform was undefined


  • Fix: An issue with bbPress add-on settings not saving correctly
  • Fix: A compatibility issue between the Map field and Field Visibility add-on
  • Fix: A warning coming from the WooCommerce functionality
  • Fix: Issue with multiple Simple Upload fields in a single form
  • Misc: Allow Select (User Role) field to work with the Edit Profile Updates Approved by Admin add-on


  • Fix: Issue with Avatar and Upload fields not working
  • Fix: Javascript error when using Conditional Fields with ajax
  • Misc: Update confirmation notice text for Admin Approval Link emailed to admins


  • Improve initial upgrade behaviour


  • Initial release

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