WordPress Admin Approval based on User Role with Profile Builder

Admin Approval for new users is one of those must have features for every website that allows user registration. Sometimes, deciding who gets to be a user on your website is a good way to keep your user base clean and fight user registration spam. Taking it further, there are times when you need to […]

A free WordPress Membership plugin – Paid Member Subscriptions

Sometimes, finding the right WordPress membership plugin can cause issues even for experienced developers. “A really steep learning curve” “Could not figure out how to set access levels” “Paid for the premium and got half ass support” “After activating this plugin, the speed of my site dropped dramatically” “Not developer friendly” These is all real […]

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite - Featured image

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite

Creating demo sites with WordPress Multisite is a quick way to let your customer to try your theme or plugin in a true-to-life environment. Setting up a demo site for WordPress plugins or themes can be as simple as installing WordPress and giving everyone a demo account. This has several drawbacks: anyone can overwrite what […]

Adding reCAPTCHA to WordPress Register, Login and Lost Password Forms with Profile Builder

The improved reCAPTCHA field from Profile Builder now offers an UI for enabling reCAPTCHA verification on all Profile Builder front-end forms, as well as default WordPress register, login and lost password forms. Having a reCAPTCHA powered registration on your website can help you dramatically reduce user registration spam. Once you add the reCAPTCHA field to […]

Safari Push notifications for WordPress how and why

Starting with October 2013, with Apple launching OSX Mavericks, Mac users running this operating system could start receiving safari push notifications for WordPress on their desktop not only from their installed apps (i.e. from Gmail or Skype) but also from websites that enabled this service. To subscribe to a website, one need only visit it […]

WCK Single Metabox just got better

Creating custom fields with our WordPress Creation Kit plugin has just become simpler. We’ve redesigned the way Single Metaboxes work, reducing the number of steps required for adding content. WCK’s Custom Field Creator allows you to create single or repeater metaboxes. One of WCK’s strong points is the ability to create repeater fields as well […]

WYSIWYG User Field, now available in Profile Builder

The list of custom field types you can add to the user profile with Profile Builder has now expanded to include the WYSIWYG User Field. Your users will now be able to add, edit and format their profile information making use of all the functionality of a Rich Text Editor. The same editor you’ve been […]

User Field Visibility for Profile Builder

I would like to have some fields which are not visible, some fields visible but not editable for logged users. Did you ever wanted to have some admin only fields attached to your user profiles? Or fields that are editable by administrators and visible by your user? Now it’s possible with a new addon for […]

Numbers and Phone Validation Addon for Profile Builder

I want to restrict an input field to be numerical How can I do that? Zip codes, phone numbers, custom ID’s require the custom input field in a registration form to be made up of numbers only. That’s where this addon for Profile Builder comes in handy. Download and activate First of all, click on […]

Manage WooCommerce Customer Fields with Profile Builder

Looking for a simple way to manage WooCommerce Customer Billing and Shipping Address fields with Profile Builder? How about adding custom user fields to the WooCommerce checkout page? Now you can, using the Profile Builder – WooCommerce Sync Add-on. Get Profile Builder – WooCommerce Sync Add-On Manage WooCommerce Customer Fields By default, WooCommerce adds address […]