WPForms Free Alternative for User Registration Forms: The Best Option

Searching for a free WPForms alternative to handle user registration on your site? WPForms is a very flexible WordPress form plugin that’s more than capable of creating a custom WordPress user registration form. However, the WPForms User Registration add-on is only available on the $399 Pro license, which means creating those registration forms won’t be […]

23+ Most Useful WordPress Plugins: Improve Any Site in 2023

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19+ Best Elementor Addons and Plugins in 2023: New Widgets, Features, and More

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27+ WooCommerce Must Have Plugins for 2023: Improve Your Store

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WooCommerce Subscription Product: How to Set Up Recurring Orders

Searching for a way to create a WooCommerce subscription product so that you can accept recurring payments on your WordPress site? WooCommerce can do a lot of things with its built-in functionality. Unfortunately, recurring payments aren’t one of them. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options, though. With Paid Member Subscriptions, you can easily set […]

How to Offer Prorated Membership Payments on Your Website (+ Proration Examples)

Searching for a way to offer a prorated membership option on your WordPress membership site? Giving your members the option of a prorated subscription is a great way to reduce doubts that new members have when signing up and encourage existing members to upgrade (or downgrade instead of churning). We’ll share a proration example below, […]

How to Customize WordPress Emails – No Code Need (Just Drag n’ Drop)

Searching for a way to customize WordPress emails with your own unique designs? By default, WordPress sends boring, plain text emails for key actions such as new user registration, password resets, and so on. With the ability to customize these emails, you can adjust their designs to match your site and also customize the content […]

How to Monetize Content on Your Website: 7 Strategies That Work

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How to Build an Online Community Website – Best Method in 2023

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How to Add reCAPTCHA to WordPress Forms (Login, Registration, and More)

Trying to add RECAPTCHA to WordPress? Because WordPress is so popular, it’s an attractive target for spammers who are looking to create fake registrations or try to brute force your login page to take over your site. One easy way to protect your site from spam and to secure your login process is to add […]