A Guide to Enable and Approve User Registrations on Your WooCommerce Store

If you accept user registrations on your store, you may want to find a solution that helps you implement the WooCommerce approve user registration functionality. We understand that most WooCommerce store owners are not familiar with code, that’s why we recommend the best user management plugin that would do this for you in just a […]

Creating a Custom WooCommerce Form with Payment Options – An Easy Walkthrough

If you don’t have a large range of products or services to sell, you may not need a fully-fledged WooCommerce store. Creating a WooCommerce form with payment options may turn out to be a simpler and more effective alternative. All you need is a reliable plugin that can handle payments for you. You also need […]

27+ WooCommerce Must Have Plugins for 2022: Improve Your Store

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5 Best WooCommerce ‘My Account’ Customization Plugins

The right WooCommerce My Account customization plugin will make it a breeze to make all kinds of changes to your site’s My Account page. However, you also need to understand your specific needs and choose a plugin that fits those needs best. With that said, let’s first understand the importance of using a WooCommerce ‘My […]

5 Best WooCommerce Auction Plugins to Easily Run Auction Sales on Your Store

A WooCommerce auction plugin can help you run auctions on your WooCommerce store with ease. It offers all the features you need to get the most out of exclusive or in-demand products on your site. So, let’s understand some important details related to using an auction plugin before we review the 5 best WooCommerce auction […]

How to Set and Remove WooCommerce Password Strength Requirements

The importance of managing WooCommerce password strength requirements cannot be overstated. The security of your WooCommerce site is of paramount importance, especially if it’s attracting a large number of users. However, the task of modifying the password strength requirements by modifying code can be quite complicated. This is why you need a WooCommerce password strength […]

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WooCommerce Sites: A Detailed Comparison

The right WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin can help you set up a functional, well-optimized WooCommerce store that promises a great conversion rate. It would be able to import thousands of products from Amazon while taking care of the entire tech foundation of your store. You would then be able to focus on the marketing and […]

How to Add User Roles in WordPress and WooCommerce

Are you looking to add a new user role in WordPress or WooCommerce? While WordPress offers a few user roles by default, it doesn’t offer the functionality to add new user roles or customize user roles for that matter. However, there’s a plugin available for pretty much every WordPress functionality you need, and adding user […]

How to Create and Use a WooCommerce Login Shortcode

Many WooCommerce store owners want to create a login page on their site using a WooCommerce login shortcode. However, while WooCommerce does provide shortcodes for easily creating many different pages, it doesn’t offer a direct shortcode that allows you to create a login page on your WooCommerce store. And this is again where a plugin […]

How to Hide a WooCommerce Category in a Few Simple Steps

Sometimes, when you own a WooCommerce store, you might want to hide a category of your products from public view or set up private product categories on your eCommerce site. There can be all kinds of different reasons for this which we’ll discuss below. WooCommerce doesn’t offer this functionality by default. But as both WordPress […]