WooCommerce Coupons Not Showing

Why Are Your WooCommerce Coupons Not Showing and How to Fix It?

WooCommerce coupons are an integral part of running a successful WooCommerce online store. Including effective coupon management in your marketing mix can help you improve your sales numbers significantly. However, issues related to coupon management and WooCommerce coupons not showing are not uncommon. There could be a wide range of reasons that cause your coupons […]

WooCommerce Multiple Payment Gateways

A Look at WooCommerce Multiple Payment Gateways and What They Offer

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, having multiple payment gateways is more of a requirement than an option. The modern e-commerce times demand more from every online store, and that includes the payment options as well. Having WooCommerce multiple payment gateways, however, offers more advantages than just offering more payment options to your customers. We […]

Memberpress vs learndash

MemberPress vs LearnDash – Find Out What Your Course Business Needs

MemberPress and LearnDash are two of the most popular solutions for creating a membership website or selling courses through your site. However, how do you go about comparing MemberPress vs LearnDash? There are quite a few factors to consider and you need to understand every aspect of these solutions to make an informed decision. With […]

WooCommerce Payments vs Stripe – The Ultimate Payment Method Comparison

Effective payment management is one of the most important components of running a successful WooCommerce store. The right payment gateway or payment processor can pave the way for seamless payment management for your online store. That being said, WooCommerce Payments and Stripe are two of the most popular payment options for WooCommerce stores. While they share […]

A Straight-to-the-Point Guide to WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateways

WooCommerce supports two of the largest payment gateways in the world, PayPal and Stripe. It offers extensions to let you accept payments through these payment gateways. However, what if you want to look beyond these two payment gateways? You may need a third-party solution when you’re looking to add WooCommerce custom payment gateways to your […]

5 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Show Product Variations and Attributes on Shop Page

Looking for ways to show WooCommerce product variation? Well, you probably need a plugin for that. Let’s face it. WooCommerce is a sophisticated e-commerce platform, but it isn’t flexible enough by itself. It doesn’t always come with all the customizations that an e-commerce store would need. However, it’s still the most popular e-commerce platform in […]

How to Set Up Google Login in WordPress?

Google is synonymous with anything and everything digital. Pretty much every user who actively uses the internet has a Google account. And you can use Google’s dominance to your advantage by setting up a Google login WordPress functionality on your website. Let us touch upon some of the important benefits it offers below. What Do […]

5 Best PayPal Plugins for WooCommerce to Handle All Your Payments Seamlessly

There are many different payment gateway options for a WooCommerce store. However, PayPal is still the most popular with a market share of over 31% globally, which is much higher in Western countries including the US and the UK. This is why having a PayPal plugin for your WooCommerce store has become pretty essential. With […]

Create a WordPress Business Directory (Best Plugins & Tutorial)

Regardless of whether you want to create a fully-fledged WordPress business directory or make it a part of your overall site, a business directory WordPress plugin would do the job for you. While some plugins are specifically designed to just create a business directory, others can offer a much wider range of functionalities that would […]

WooCommerce Private Products Plugin

WooCommerce Private Products: How to Create Them Using a User-friendly Plugin

Many store owners would want to create WooCommerce private products sooner or later as the customer base grows. This is especially true for store owners selling exclusive or restricted products. But with WooCommerce, creating private products doesn’t have to be difficult or involve any playing around with the code. Just install the right plugin and […]