Add Conditional Logic User Registration Forms with Profile Builder

One frequently requested feature from our Profile Builder users, was the ability to add conditional logic user registration forms, or user profile forms for that matter. Conditional Fields are an easy way to show or hide fields based on user selections. Using conditional logic you can implement dynamic front-end registration forms for your users. Here’s […]


MailPoet for Profile Builder

Sending newsletters is now easier with the new MailPoet Integration Add-on. This Profile Builder Add-on allows your users to subscribe to your newsletters lists created with the MailPoet Newsletters plugin. Let’s walk through the configuration steps. Installing the plugins Since this is an integration add-on, you will need to install both Profile Builder and MailPoet Newsletters […]


5 Ways User Profiles Add Authority to Your WordPress Site

WordPress continues to offer an astounding array of choices and customization options for website owners. One option in particular can help add authority to your site and create an improved user experience for your site visitors: enabling user profiles. Allowing your repeat visitors to create their own user profiles can help make your site “the […]


How to Load a Login, Edit Profile or Registration Form in a Popup

Ever landed up on a webpage that asked you to register or login, only to forget the original article / page where you wanted to be after registering or login in? Doing those steps is ok, after all you probably wanted to take those actions anyway.

But why not try and make the entire experience a little bit better and more user friendly?


Tribulant Newsletter – Profile Builder Addon

An integration with the WordPress Newsletter plugin developed by has been made into the Profile Builder plugin to capture subscribers through registration forms. A new field “Newsletters” is now available in Profile Builder -> Manage Fields, allowing your users to also subscribe to various newsletters offered on your site. It is offered as a […]


WordPress Social Login – A Case for Better User Engagement

Enabling WordPress Social Login can easily increase the user engagement with your website. And it all has to do with users forgetting their password. Apparently there’s a thing called “password fatigue” and your website might be suffering from it. It’s one of the main cases for activating WordPress social login. Any site that requires users […]


Placeholder Labels Add-On for Profile Builder Updated – now with support for Login Forms and Widget

Placeholder Labels Add-On hides all Profile Builder form labels and adds for each form field a placeholder with the title of the field. This can help you reduce clutter on the page, or shorten the length of your forms. Note: Requires at least Profile Builder 2.1.9, free or premium. Version 2.1 released: Added support for Login […]

How to Redirect Users after Login & Registration in WordPress

If you own a WordPress site that allows front-end user registration you’re probably looking for an easy way to redirect users after certain actions, like successful login, registration or edit profile, to custom pages and also keep them out of the WordPress dashboard. Using the new and improved Custom Redirects module from Profile Builder, you […]

WordPress Admin Approval based on User Role with Profile Builder

Admin Approval for new users is one of those must have features for every website that allows user registration. Sometimes, deciding who gets to be a user on your website is a good way to keep your user base clean and fight user registration spam. Taking it further, there are times when you need to […]