How to Redirect Users After Login in WooCommerce (Easily & Quickly)

The ability to redirect users after login is an important functionality for WooCommerce sites. It not only helps increase sales by redirecting customers to an optimized products or shop page, but also offers a better user experience overall. If you don’t set up a login redirect for your WooCommerce store, users may end up on […]

How to Build an Online Community Website – Best Method in 2022

Are you trying to create an online community website but not sure where to start? Building an online community platform is a great way to bring together a group of members around a specific topic. And by creating your own platform, you can fully own the relationship with your members so that you’re never at […]

How to Hide Products by User Roles in WooCommerce?

Do you want to easily hide products by user roles in WooCommerce? Some WooCommerce store owners have a unique requirement where they want to hide certain products from all but a few specific groups of users. There may be many reasons for this, including selling exclusive products only to the more loyal customers, with a […]

How to Add reCAPTCHA to WordPress Forms (Login, Registration, and More)

Trying to add RECAPTCHA to WordPress? Because WordPress is so popular, it’s an attractive target for spammers who are looking to create fake registrations or try to brute force your login page to take over your site. One easy way to protect your site from spam and to secure your login process is to add […]

How to Edit User Roles in WordPress? Step-By-Step Guide

Do you own a WordPress site and want to edit the default user roles? Maybe you want to add or remove certain capabilities for one or more of the available user roles? Or perhaps add a completely new custom user role? Unfortunately, you can do none of these things on WordPress by default. Sure, it […]

WordPress 2 Factor Authentication (Plugin + How to Set Up)

Security is key when you have a website with user registration and login functionalities. This is why offering your site’s users the option to enable 2 factor authentication in WordPress when they log into their accounts might be essential in some cases. When users have access to sensitive information, systems, or data, you really don’t […]

WordPress User Avatar - Custom Profile Picture Tutorial

WordPress User Avatar Tutorial: Let Users Upload Custom Profile Pictures

Searching for a way to let users on your site upload a custom WordPress user avatar or profile picture? By default, WordPress relies on the Gravatar service for user profile pictures, which means that your site will show the avatar associated with each user’s email in Gravatar. However, this isn’t ideal because not all users […]

WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin

WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin: How to Create a Donation Form

Looking for a WordPress PayPal donation plugin so that you can accept one-time or recurring donations on your site? In this post, we’ll show you how to create a WordPress donation form that connects to PayPal (or other payment gateways, too, if you so desire). You’ll be able to accept preset donation amounts or let […]

WordPress Member Directory Setup

How to Setup a WordPress Member Directory (and Customize It)

If you have a membership site of any kind, you probably have a number of engaged users that are slowly emerging as community leaders. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could highlight those members on your website? Or if you’re looking to create a community of professionals and let your website visitors get in touch […]

WordPress Payments Plugin for Membership Sites

How to Add a WordPress Payments Plugin to Your Membership Website

Running a membership site is a great way to make money online. It allows you to create a recurring source of income. This means you can predict what your income is going to be like every month which gives you a sense of financial security and stability in your online business. But before you can […]