A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Post Types

WordPress Custom Post Types are the best way to create intuitive content types. This is done by having a clear differentiation between the different types of content, adding just the required parameters and fields to them and therefore removing cluster from the sometimes overloaded WordPress admin interface. By default, WordPress comes with a number of […]

How to sort users by user role with WordPress WP User Query

Recently we started rewriting the code for our UserListing module in Profile Builder Pro to use the WP_User_Query() class for all our user queries and a problem we came across was how to sort the the users by their user role. We started looking for a solution and we realized that the user roles are […]

paid membership community wordpress plugins

How to Build a Successful Paid Membership Community with WordPress Plugins

Building a successful paid membership community is very different from managing a blog or small business website, but in this article, that’s exactly what we are going to show you how to do. One of the most important hurdles to overcome when building a successful paid membership community with WordPress is that this software was […]

enable wordpress user registration on a subsite only

Enable WordPress User Registration on a Subsite Only

When you have WordPress Multisite active, all users are shared between all blogs because the wp_users table is the same for all blogs. By default, it’s simply not possible to enable WordPress user registration on a subsite only. To go around this, first thing we need to do is enable registration in our network admin: […]

How to build a WordPress Client Portal plugin

When building a company website, chances are you’ll be looking for a client portal plugin where an administrator can add files and information related to a particular client. And most of the times it doesn’t have to be something complicated. There are solutions like simply creating a password protected page or using an existing plugin. […]

WordPress Begin User Registration at a Specific Date and Time

Sometimes you want to begin user registrations in your WordPress site at a particular date and time in the future. Luckily it’s simple enough and it requires just a small plugin. There’s no UI and you’ll have to modify the $open_registration_time variable with your time and hour, but it’s as simple as it gets: create […]

bbPress Close All Topics

With our bbPress forums retired, I wanted to close all topics without having to go in each one of them. While I couldn’t find something that did exactly that, I did found this really nice plugin https://github.com/thebrandonallen/bbp-auto-close-topics that automatically close bbPress topics after an admin-specified time period.

WordPress Social Login – A Case for Better User Engagement

Enabling WordPress Social Login can easily increase the user engagement with your website. And it all has to do with users forgetting their password. Apparently there’s a thing called “password fatigue” and your website might be suffering from it. It’s one of the main cases for activating WordPress social login. Any site that requires users […]