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wordpress live chat plugin

The Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Membership Sites (5 Options)

Author: John Hughes
Last Updated: April 11th, 2024

Email and phone support enables you to communicate with visitors, but it's not the most effective support channel. For example, both of these options often involve long wait times. Plus, they're not always convenient since visitors need to leave your website to contact you. Instead, you can add a live chat feature to your membership […]

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ai tools for content writing

5 Best AI Tools for Content Writing in WordPress

Author: John Hughes
Last Updated: February 16th, 2024

There are plenty of AI tools for content writing that make it quicker and easier to create articles, blog posts, and web copy. However, as more and more AI tools are introduced, it can be difficult to identify the ones that will add the most value to your business. The good news is that all […]

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wordpress loyalty program plugin

Best WordPress Loyalty Program Plugins to Grow Your Business

Author: Rishi Lodha
Last Updated: December 6th, 2023

It’s not only the employees who love to be rewarded for their loyalty. Even customers love a good loyalty program that rewards them for being loyal to your store and making repeated purchases. But it’s not just customer loyalty that you gain. A smartly designed customer loyalty program will help you increase your conversion rate, […]

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wordpress monetization

Best WordPress Monetization Plugins & Tactics to Grow Your Revenue

Author: Freddy Muriuki
Last Updated: September 14th, 2023

You will agree that finding the best WordPress monetization plugins (and tactics) to grow your revenue is challenging. If that describes your situation, you're in the right place, and we have your back as always. Like you, I had big dreams when I started my first WordPress site. Also, like you, I was skeptical about […]

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Best subscription plugin for wordpress

5 Best WordPress Subscription Plugins for Membership + More

Author: Colin Newcomer
Last Updated: September 7th, 2023

Searching for the best WordPress subscription plugins to set up recurring subscriptions on your site? Subscription payments are a great way to build recurring revenue and maximize your website's long-term income. Whether you're building a full membership site or you just want to create a WordPress subscription payment form, there are some great WordPress subscription […]

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Ninja Forms vs Gravity Forms

Ninja Forms vs. Gravity Forms – Which Form Builder Should You Use?

Author: Freddy Muriuki
Last Updated: September 5th, 2023

Can't decide between Ninja Forms vs. Gravity Forms? Welcome to the party; you aren't alone. Nearly every website needs forms, and your membership site is no different. First, you need a conventional contact form. How else will members contact you when they have an issue? Second, you need an assortment of other forms. For instance, […]

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WooCommerce Import Products Plugin

7 WooCommerce Import Products Plugins Worth Your Consideration

Author: John Hughes
Last Updated: July 13th, 2023

If you run a WordPress online store or are planning to launch one, you might already know that managing product details can be a tedious task. This is especially true if you sell lots of products, offer variations, or you’re an affiliate. So, you might be looking for a WooCommerce import products plugin. Using this […]

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Stripe plugin for WooCommerce

7 Best Stripe Plugins for WooCommerce That Offer a Seamless Woo-Stripe Integration

Author: John Hughes
Last Updated: June 22nd, 2023

As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that your site can process secure payments. Otherwise, users might be wary of making purchases from your site, and you might also put yourself at risk of fraud. Fortunately, you can use a Stripe plugin for WooCommerce to make your store more secure. Stripe is a payment […]

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WordPress custom form plugins

5 Best WordPress Custom Form Plugins You Should Consider

Author: John Hughes
Last Updated: May 25th, 2023

Forms are one of the most important components of any website. We use forms for everything, from logins to checkout pages, support requests, leaving comments, and much more. Adding forms to WordPress is simple, but creating custom forms is a different matter entirely. With the right WordPress custom form plugin, you can ask users for any […]

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How to Use Member Directory Templates to Create a User Directory

Author: Adeline Devlin
Last Updated: October 23rd, 2023

Member directory templates make it easy for you to display a massive amount of information on your WordPress site in a well-ordered, beautiful way. The function of a user listing directory is to manage your online database (e.g. staff, the businesses in your network, topic specialists, or anything in between). Member directories (user listings) provide […]

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